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In Armenia Habitat for Humanity will cooperate with the government to eradicate poverty housing

February 25, 2009

Yerevan, Armenia February: Habitat for Humanity Armenia and the Armenian ministry of urban development signed a cooperation agreement. The document provides a framework for joint efforts to improve housing conditions in the country.

“Over the past year, the ministry of urban development has built up cooperative relationship with Habitat for Humanity Armenia. This agreement is one of the first steps to initiate the implementation of joint projects,” says Karlen Gevorgyan, deputy minister of urban development. “There are many young families who are currently living in poor housing conditions, but are capable and willing to improve their situation with their own means; all they need is a hand up. The input of Habitat for Humanity Armenia in improving housing conditions in our country is already visible. We hope that Habitat’s activities will expand in our country and are willing to support them.”

The collaboration between Habitat Armenia and the ministry of urban development will focus on provision of affordable housing opportunities, development of policies and programs aiming at the introduction of housing institute and housing intervention aiming at disaster response and disaster risk reduction.

Following the initiative of Habitat for Humanity Armenia, the ministry of urban development forwarded a request to all regional governments in the country to send information on the need for simple, decent, and affordable housing in their regions and communities.

“All ten regions submitted information on their housing needs. This only highlights the high level of the need for simple, decent, and affordable homes throughout our country,” says Irina Vanyan, executive director of HFHA. “Based on the received information, we will discuss priorities for further joint projects to eliminate poverty housing in Armenia.”

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