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HFH Guatemala tithed $20,000 to programs in Tajikistan

April 3, 2009

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA (April, 2009) – This year, Habitat Guatemala made a tithe commitment of US$20,000 to Tajikistan. The country was selected by Europe and Central Asia office of Habitat for Humanity as a focus program for launching innovative projects and partnerships. This is the first time that a program outside of the US, Canada or Europe has tithed to this country.

In Tajikistan, the contribution from Habitat Guatemala is used to finance the installment of water filters in the Kumsangir area. Rural communities there suffer from lack of basic infrastructure. Drinking water is drawn from contaminated irrigation canals and ditches. In winter, when canals dry out people use water from open ponds, shared with livestock. As a result, annually thousands of people, mainly children, contract skin or other water borne diseases.

So far with this money, 30 water filters have been installed to serve 60 families. In addition to that, one water reservoir was constructed and 180 people trained on maintenance of water filters. Until the end of the year, further 90 families will have access to clean drinking water. “This filter is very easy to use and doesn’t require permanent cost for maintenance. Children can easily use the filter and this makes me so glad as I was always concerned with their frequent illnesses,” says 45-year old Izrovni Saifiddinova. A widow who takes care of three children has partnered with Habitat and installed a water filter in her household.

Despite residing on opposite ends of the earth, the two Habitat offices – Guatemala and Tajikistan – find that they have much in common. Both programs work in a context where almost 60 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, and both countries have high population growth that is insufficiently supported by national construction industries. Both regions experience similar housing problems: lack of land and difficulty obtaining land tenure; absence of affordable housing loans; houses located in high-risk zones; government inability to tackle poverty housing issues, etc.

A letter of gratitude from Behruz Dadoboev of Habitat Tajikistan to Luis Samayoa of Habitat Guatemala expresses the following sentiments. “We at Habitat Tajikistan are blessed with generous tithe from your affiliate, and very much inspired by your decision to choose us as a reliable partner in serving Habitat global mission.”

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