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Lenum helps fight poverty housing in Romania

Ploiesti/Bratislava (September, 2012) – A group of ten Lenum AG employees from Liechtenstein come for 5 days to Ploiesti, Romania, to build homes for socially disadvantaged families. In April 2012, Habitat started building houses for 12 families from the municipal waiting list. Lenum volunteers will be installing walls and indoor structures for the buildings, as well as digging ground to lay pipe installations.

Lenum AG and Habitat are partnering for the first time this year in Ploiesti. Lenum employees will not only volunteer on Habitat’s construction site but will as well use Lenum’s expertise to discuss with local experts from Habitat Romania how to increase the energy efficiency of Habitat housing solutions. This follows a field visit to programs in Romania held in 2010.

The Lenum employees are looking forward to change their work environment from office and computers to building site, hammer and saw. Lenum is also hoping to gain some firsthand experience on how to construct housing that is at the same time high quality, energy efficient but at an affordable price. Balancing these three issues is at the core of every sustainable building project.

Ploiesti, a city of 250,000 residents located in the vicinity of Romania’s capital, has a desperate housing situation. All of its 230 social housing units have been allocated, though they are just run-down single-room dormitories with shared bathrooms and kitchens. More than 240 families in need of shelter are on the list waiting for vacant rooms. Most of them cannot afford market rents or home ownership. Ploiesti is suffering the effects of the economic crisis.  Unemployment in the region has doubled since last year reaching almost 10 percent.

A team of volunteers from American School of Dubai laid the foundation for the Habitat buildings in Ploiesti in April 2012. Since then, the site has hosted nine international and four national teams. Many companies have contributed their effort and resources to help low-income families get simple and decent places to live.

Habitat constructions are mainly wood framed homes covered with drywall with insulation. Beneficiary families have been selected with the help of municipal authorities. They are working on the construction site alongside volunteers.

About Lenum AG
Lenum AG is a consulting company based in Liechtenstein – one of the smallest states in Europe. The consulting work of Lenum is focused on the sustainability of buildings, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Projects range from simple retrofits of existing homes to energy concepts for newly built large commercial buildings and energy strategies for communities. The ten employees of Lenum contribute to projects based on their varied professional backgrounds such as architects and physicists.

About Habitat for Humanity International
Habitat for Humanity International is a global nonprofit Christian housing organization that seeks to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. Since 1976, Habitat has served more than 500,000 families by welcoming people of all races, religions and nationalities to construct, rehabilitate or preserve homes; by advocating for fair and just housing policies; and by providing training and access to resources to help families improve their shelter conditions. For more information, to donate or to volunteer, please visit