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A child’s life journey


Did you know that more than 200 babies are born every minute all over the world? Some are lucky as they come into a beautiful family and safe environment. Some are disadvantaged from the start as they arrive in this world having homeless parents or a house full of mold.

Childhood is a time of fast learning and building a foundation that determines the adults we become. A lot of factors contribute to a child’s development. Some of the most important ones are external. A child needs healthy air to breathe, pure water and healthy food so that the body and brain develop properly.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be growing in a homeless or low-income family? Imagine that you go to the bathroom to wash your teeth but the water tastes like rust. You want to eat something but all you find on the table is a slice of bread. The family has no fridge and even if there is one – it is empty.

At the same time, your younger brother starts coughing. It is because of the mold on the walls. Your father painted the house last spring but the black “monster” came back fiercely. You wish you could do something to help, find a job and help, even if you’re a minor. But who would give you a job when you have no school. Is there a way out of this vicious circle?

This is the reality of families and children that live in poor housing. It affects not only their health but also their mental development, behavior, studies, jobs and their future as successful and normal adults. These children are locked in poverty and cannot break out of it.

They need a helping hand from the same thing that brought them there: external factors.

Organizations all around the world fight for children’s rights so that they can live, study and prosper. However, we should not forget about the root of all these problems: housing. If we can solve this problem, we help many children into a brighter future.

Join us on this International Children’s Day to bring hope to their eyes and smiles of a child.