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Celebrating Orthodox Easter in a new home


Fourteen years ago, one affiliate of Habitat for Humanity Romania started a project to help low-income families, orphans or people with disabilities to celebrate the resurrection of Christ in a decent, healthy and safe home. Now, this annual event is called the Easter Home.

A home for a struggling family

Mihai is a factory worker and Mona is a housewife. They live in Cabesti village in Bihor County in Romania. They have known each other since childhood. Both were born in large families, Mihai has three siblings and Mona - eight.

The couple got married in spring 2008. However, they have not managed to get their own place to live. For more than 2 years the newly-weds lived with Mona’s parents and two sisters. After their first son, George, was born, the couple moved in with Mihai’s parents, where they stayed for two more years. Their second child, Karyna, was born with severe medical problems and had to be operated on many times. Since there was hardly any privacy, the family later decided to rent an old village house, which they tried to renovate with their own hands.

Dreaming of a home of their own, Mihai and Mona applied for a Habitat house. The news of being selected as a beneficiary family of Habitat for Humanity changed their lives: “After I found out that we have been selected, I ran home and told Mona the big news. I went to the piece of land that my mother gave us and tried to figure out where we would place the house. Then I made plans all night long! I can’t wait to start building,” said Mihai.

Mona was also planning ahead: “I just want to thank in advance everyone that helped and is going to help us realize our dream. I never believed we would be able to have our own house. We will finally have the quietness the children need so much. I’m already thinking about how to arrange the kitchen and where to put the baby’s bed. Every time I think about it I’m crying.”


Students spend their Easter holiday building a dream

Two teams of students from two international schools in Germany, August Macke Schule and Black Forest Academy, spent their Easter holiday building Mihai and Mona Blaj’s house.

The construction lasted one week, at the end of which the family received the keys to their new home. The volunteers, international students coming from Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey and USA joined local Habitat volunteers and built in less than six days a safe home for George and Karyna to play in.

What is next?
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