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Tajikistan: All about home

Snow is slowly starting to fall on the roofs of houses in Tajikistan. Families heat up their stoves and sit together in front of the fire. Children read books before it gets too dark, as there is no electricity. Their mother is preparing a simple dinner and their father is cutting more wood outside to keep the house warm during the night.


A house covered with snow in the mountainous region of Tajikistan.

This winter, the house of Sharofidin Shamsov is warm and filled with festive atmosphere. They have all they wished for and are thankful for being able to spend this special time of the year together - in their own home, renovated by Habitat and its supporters.

Sharofidin’s house was damaged by an earthquake in 2006, as most of the family houses in the Rasht district of Tajikistan. Those homes were not reinforced and could not withstand earthquakes, which are quite frequent in this mountainous Central Asian country.

Later, Sharofidin’s family was selected to partner Habitat. They were provided with construction materials for reinforcing the house. With Habitat’s help and international volunteers, the family was able to reinforce two rooms in their house.


Sharofidin Shamsov (right) lives in the house with his wife and daughters.

“Now my house is solid and I am not in fear of earthquakes as I was in the past. It has reinforcement frames made of wood and mulberry twigs and I am sure that it can protect my family from earthquakes in the future”, says Sharofidin.

“I am very thankful for Habitat and the volunteers who came and worked with us shoulder to shoulder and helped me to build my house. We still keep in touch with them and communicate by phone, as recently when one of the volunteers called and congratulated my daughter on her 21st birthday”, shares the homeowner.

Christmas is celebrated differently all around the world. Habitat partner families in Europe and Central Asia are of different religions – ranging from Christians, Orthodox Christians to Muslims. They all have special customs, prepare meals typical for their region and celebrate on different days but for all, the end of the year is a precious time which they try to spend together as a family and reflect on the year that has passed.

Habitat also looks back and at the same time thinks of more families to help in the coming year.

What is next?
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