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The Mance family from Beius, Romania


Ionut and his son Andrei Daniel.


Ionut’s wife, Andreea, with their daughter Rosalinda Emanuela.

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Ionut, 27, was born in a small village about 20 kilometers from Beius. His 24-year-old wife, Andreea, comes from Brasov. They are raising two children, Andrei-Daniel, 1, and Rosalinda-Emanuela, 2 months.

They look like a typical young Romanian family, but there is more to their story. Ionut and Andreea were both born deaf and mute. They met 10 years ago in Cluj at a special arts and crafts camp for people with speech difficulties. At the camp, Ionut learned to make furniture, and Andreea mastered hairdresser skills.

Three years ago, the young people decided to build their future together and got married. But life with Ionut’s parents put them on the verge of divorce. The couple had to move out, and they have since been living between shelters and temporary accommodations that are cold and damp and lack shower or toilet facilities.

Ionut works at a Beius furniture factory as a carpenter. His earnings are enough to feed the family, but they could not afford a proper home.

“It is very hard because people look at us differently,” Andreea wrote when they applied for a Habitat home. “It’s hard to go shopping, it’s hard to find a place to rent, and it’s hard to find a job. If we cannot speak, people find it hard to accept us into their world. But we won’t give up.”

Habitat for Humanity Romania understood these challenges and selected this young family to build a Habitat home where their children can grow up safely. Ionut and Andreea will work during this year’s Easter week alongside a group of international volunteers who travel to Beius, Romania. At the end of the week, the couple will move into their new, decent and affordable home.

Habitat Romania began its Easter Build event in 2000. Since then, Habitat has been providing people living in difficult conditions with a simple and decent home every Easter. This year, the Easter Build will benefit three families, including Ionut and Andreea.

Read more about the history of Habitat and the Easter build.

What is next?
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