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Shelter report 2008: building a secure future through effective land policies



This Shelter Report explains how insecure tenure- the lack of a title to one’s home or land- is a major cause of poverty housing.

Habitat for Humanity has experienced the effects of insecure tenure. We have witnessed how it robs the poor of the most basic human securities. As a result, a large part of our mission is to address and combat this growing and complex issue.

The report also heightens awareness of unfair housing practices in developing countries and presents the case for prioritizing tenure security as a way to alleviate poverty.

You can review the Executive Summary

View the report by topic:

• Chapter 1: Introduction

• Chapter 2: The causes of tenure insecurity

• Chapter 3:Specific groups and tenure

• Chapter 4: Strategies that improve tenure security

• Chapter 5: Conclusions and trends

• Chapter 6: Policy Recommendations

• Endnote: Resources

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