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Volunteer stories


Students extended a helping hand to Armenian family
Last year, the students from the American School of Dubai participated in a build in Vazashen alongside with a Bozinyan family to help bring them a decent housing at last. Read more



International volunteer helps run the program in Ireland
There are many factors that lead me to my current volunteer position with Habitat for Humanity Ireland. Read more



Kyrgyzstan: Women that build homes
Thirty-eight year-old Jyldyzkan Sapaeva changed homes for the family ten times in 15 years of marriage. Read more



Mission accomplished: three houses in five days for Aviva team
Eighty-six employees of Aviva insurance group joined Habitat for Humanity in Cluj, Romania for a blitz build, completing three homes in just five days. Read more

Students’ challenge to raise funds
To celebrate a ten year of partnership between Habitat for Humanity and Wesley College in Dublin, students decided to accept a challenge to raise funds and join pan-European YouthBUILD 2013. Read more

Students participated in build for three families in Romania
Students from American Overseas School of Rome partnered up with Habitat for Humanity Craiova to help three families in need of a decent housing in southwestern Romania. Read more

South Africa


Service learning around the world
George Cowell, teacher at Hewens and Rosedale College in Middlesex, reflects on working alongside with his students to build a home for a family in need in Durban.Read more



Habitat’s Unofficial Ambassadors in Tajikistan
In July, I spent a week in Tajikistan with Habitat for Humanity. Usually, a week with Habitat means laying brick or hanging drywall. Read more


Special builds: Women in action in Tajikistan
This makes me proud to be a woman,” said Susan Njoroge at the good-bye dinner when recapping the Women Build experience in Tajikistan. Read more


Community Action Service


Fun-raising for fund-raising
Volunteering offers a unique challenge, allowing people the privilege of working with those in need. Read more


Serving to learn: International schools making a difference with Habitat
In Europe and Central Asia, Habitat works with international schools to organize local builds and volunteer trips through its Global Village program. Read more

Corporate volunteering


We helped build it!
Habitat’s CEO and staff roll up their sleeves in Hungary

During his visit to Europe and Central Asia, Habitat’s CEO Jonathan Reckford rolled up his sleeves for a day of building in Szarvas, Hungary. Read more

Habitat volunteers


The gift of giving and receiving
Just before Margaret Yankowski was leaving Macedonia last autumn to go out and help yet another community in need. Read more