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Volunteer stories



The power of women in Armenia
For five days this June, seven women from different parts of the world gathered in Tavush, Armenia, to build an additional room to the Bojukyans’ family house. Read more



International volunteer helps run the program in Ireland
There are many factors that lead me to my current volunteer position with Habitat for Humanity Ireland. Read more



Kyrgyzstan: Women that build homes
Thirty-eight year-old Jyldyzkan Sapaeva changed homes for the family ten times in 15 years of marriage. Read more



Habitat was the best part
So what was the best part? I’m coming off a vacation and that is the big question from everyone, when I get back to work. Read more



Housing the needy in Romania
Just 90 minutes outside of Bucharest, the most prosperous town in Romania, is the small village of Baltesti where Roma families are living in homes built of hay and clay. Read more


Easter House timeline
Habitat for Humanity held its first Easter House Build in Beius, Romania, in 2000. Through this event, at least one family benefits from a new home every Easter. Read more


Habitat welcomes international volunteers to Romania
“We see the house being built and cannot believe that this is true, after living in a small room for so many years.” Read more


My first volunteering with Habitat
When I first heard of the volunteering concept in Habitat for Humanity, my ears twitched. Read more


Mission accomplished: three houses in five days for Aviva team
Eighty-six employees of Aviva insurance group joined Habitat for Humanity in Cluj, Romania for a blitz build, completing three homes in just five days. Read more


Irish students build in Romania
20 students from Wesley College, Dublin, have travelled to Romania to help build a home in only five days. Read more



Painting walls, breaking barriers
For a few weeks at the end of May and the start of June, the Habitat staff in Europe and Central Asia abandons computers, e-mails, papers and reports for a set of construction tools. Read more

South Africa


Building new homes in South Africa
Eight new homes appeared at the Orange Farm in Gauteng, South Africa, in April 2011. Read more



Habitat’s Unofficial Ambassadors in Tajikistan
In July, I spent a week in Tajikistan with Habitat for Humanity. Usually, a week with Habitat means laying brick or hanging drywall. Read more


Special builds: Women in action in Tajikistan

“This makes me proud to be a woman,” said Susan Njoroge at the good-bye dinner when recapping the Women Build experience in Tajikistan. Read more


Community Action Service


Fun-raising for fund-raising
Volunteering offers a unique challenge, allowing people the privilege of working with those in need. Read more


Education and development – school resources for all ages
Habitat for Humanity is pleased to present its Resource guide for education and development (PDF). Read more


Serving to learn: International schools making a difference with Habitat
In Europe and Central Asia, Habitat works with international schools to organize local builds and volunteer trips through its Global Village program. Read more


Shaving for Fundraising
Mr. Lars Martin Ask, the headmaster of Skagerak International School in Norway, shaved his beard this summer for the first time in 25 years. Read more

Corporate volunteering


Corporate social responsibility and Habitat
Marc Bitzer, the President of Whirlpool Europe— one of Habitat’s largest corporate partners in the region—personally led a team of volunteers to Radauti, Romania. Read more


Whirlpool and Habitat: Every home, every where
Despite the current world economic downslide, Whirlpool Europe remains committed to its support of Habitat for Humanity. Read more


We helped build it!
Habitat’s CEO and staff roll up their sleeves in Hungary

During his visit to Europe and Central Asia, Habitat’s CEO Jonathan Reckford rolled up his sleeves for a day of building in Szarvas, Hungary. Read more


Whirlpool team photos
Whirlpool team photos from their Global Village trip in Slovakia. View photos

Habitat volunteers


The gift of giving and receiving
Just before Margaret Yankowski was leaving Macedonia last autumn to go out and help yet another community in need. Read more


Serving Habitat long term
Anyone would be a bit hesitant to commit to six months of unpaid work in a foreign country. Read more


Volunteering in Europe and Central Asia: What comes next?
At this special time of the year, when everyone is welcoming a new spring, Habitat is happy to share a few milestones for its Europe and Central Asia volunteering program. Read more


Big swim for Habitat for Humanity
On August 28, 2010, Emma Pearson swam across Lake Geneva and raised over $4,700 to support Habitat’s work in Madagascar. Read more

Volunteering events


Make a difference through special volunteering events
This year, Habitat for Humanity Europe and Central Asia holds four special volunteering events. Read more


Welcome to the European Year of Volunteering
Year 2011 welcomes an event of major significance for the European volunteer movement, and Habitat for Humanity is ready to be part of it. Read more