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Easter House timeline

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Habitat for Humanity held its first Easter House Build in Beius, Romania, in 2000. Through this event, at least one family benefits from a new home every Easter. It has turned into a tradition in Beius that volunteers with big hearts come to help a family in difficult conditions to enjoy holidays in a decent house. 2010 Aurora Horge, a single mother with two children, received the key for her new house. Before, she lived in an old adobe house in a small village near Beius. 2009 Romeo and Timea Trok, with two children, lived in a run-down block of apartments on the outskirts of Oradea. This Roma family moved into their new home after they had worked on its construction alongside volunteers, including 30 people from a Roma Baptist Church. 2008 The Farcuts lived in an old house that could have collapsed any moment. As the family was raising a disabled son, they could not save money for a new house. Now, with help from Habitat, they live in a new home. 2007 Two families, the Borzs and Gavras, each with two children, celebrated Easter in a warm and healthy home. 2006 The Cos and the Morgovan families benefited from the Easter Build. Forty students from Wesley College from Dublin, Ireland, volunteered to help them build the two homes.

2005 The Herdean family had been living for many years in the villages’ vicarage. On Maundy Thursday in 2005, a group of priests blessed their new home.


This is how a finished Easter house looks like in Beius, Romania.


Irish students install walls for a house during Easter Build in 2006.

2004 Geta Heredea, her husband and their three children finally realized their dream of a simple and decent home.

2003 A team of 20 Wesley College volunteers from Dublin, Ireland, helped to renovate three apartments of a condominium in Beius. Three young families who had grown up in a state-run orphanage improved their living conditions.

2002 The Baruta family renovated their home and added another bedroom to the house with the help of volunteers. The seven-member family enjoyed their renovated home.

2001 Victor Goina, a disabled engineer, moved into a new house with his wife and daughter. This home was built to accommodate Goina’s special needs, with handrails throughout the house and a wheelchair ramp.

2000 The Barlacu family, a mother and two children, were the first beneficiaries of the Easter House Build in Beius.

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