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Students participated in build for three families in Romania



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In November 2012, a team from the American Overseas School of Rome travelled to the southwestern part of Romania to partner with Habitat for Humanity Craiova and with three families in need of decent housing. The student/teacher team worked hard for 5 days, insulating and plastering houses for the Dinca, Puspana and Poveşti families.

“We were particularly impressed with the range of cultural activities” says team leader Ivan Hauck, “they were moving, informative, and will undoubtedly affect all of us for a long time to come.”   However, the trip highlight for the whole team was completing the goal - keeping a family warm for next winter.  Commented one student:  “When my team was insulating the house, one of my team members made a realization… that we were making sure that this family was warm and comfortable throughout the year in their new house… in their new home. My life has been forever changed by the experience and I would do it again an infinite number of times.”

For further information about service learning opportunities, contact Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Program via email at

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