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We helped build it!Habitat’s CEO and staff roll up their sleeves in Hungary


Habitat’s CEO Jonathan Reckford didn’t shy away from hard work in Szarvas.



Habitat staff YungMi Choi (left) and Annelies de Vogel (right) with their hands deep into cement.



Seven-year-old Noemi Detar giving flowers to Jonathan Reckford.

During his visit to Europe and Central Asia, Habitat’s CEO Jonathan Reckford rolled up his sleeves for a day of building in Szarvas, Hungary. He was joined by staff of Habitat’s regional headquarters, the Hungarian national organization and the local affiliate.

The Habitat cohort worked alongside the four partner families as well as local volunteers. We were digging trenches, pouring stairs and doing fine interior works as well—all under the sharp supervision of Levente Molnar, the construction manager.

After hours of hard work we were treated to a hearty Hungarian lunch and a musical recital performed by young students from the local school.

”It’s always a joy for me to work alongside Habitat homeowner families and to share, if only briefly, part of the experience that will bring a lasting change to their lives,” says Reckford.

“This day was particularly meaningful because I was able to work alongside my colleagues from the ECA office, as well to get out into the field with them and participate in the grassroots work that makes Habitat for Humanity so unique.”

The four-unit row house is now completely finished and will be dedicated on June 21st.

The four deserving families: the Lovas, the Demcsaks, the Detars and the Molnars will soon be leaving their overcrowded and unhealthy dwellings to move into simple but decent homes.

The Detar family is particularly looking forward to having drinking water in their home. Now they need to carry water from a neighboring village—a huge burden on a family with three small children.

Their present home is difficult to reach, with only two dirt roads leading to it.

When it rains or snows, one of the roads becomes impassable and the family has to use the other, 10km long route which is twice as long.

”The Detar family’s is just one example of the transformational work Habitat’s staff, volunteers, supporters and homeowners are undertaking throughout the ECA region and around the world,” says Reckford.

“When Habitat volunteers build in partnership with families in need, they not only create a solid, affordable house structure, but, because of the stability a decent home provides, they renew hope in the hearts of those families and establish a promising foundation from which parents and children can better prepare for the future.”

What is next?
Habitat wants people not only to read about poverty housing but do something to fight it. You can support Habitat’s work in Europe Middle East and Africa in a number of ways. Here are some examples:

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