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Community Coming Together




Jan. 21, 2013 to Jan. 28, 2013


For Martin Luther King Jr. day, we are planning to organize a build day and kickoff to a build week on a new construction project in Waimea. We are hosting a Global Village team that will begin a week of work on the Jan. 21, and we will supplement them with local volunteers and staff. As a way to promote the theme of “community” and “giving back,” we are heavily recruiting existing Habitat partner families as well as co-workers of the partner family selected for the new home. This is a great way to take different groups of people, all of whom know the Habitat system in different ways, and bring them together for one unified goal and vision.

The day will involve construction of the the sub-floor and exterior walls of the home, with the remainder of framing being completed during the week. Meals and refreshments will be provided by partner families and local donors. An AmeriCorps Vista volunteer will lead the hospitality and volunteer efforts, and an AmeriCorps National member will organize and lead the construction tasks.

Back-up activities will involve A Brush With Kindness project involving house painting and lot clearing.

Contact: Erin Stephens/Sayer Houseal
Phone: 808-331-8010