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World Habitat Day Washington County Power Build


West BendWisconsin


Oct. 01, 2012 to Oct. 02, 2012


On this day, (October 1), we plan to bring a record number of volunteers to our build site. We will invite all of our core regulars, past and present partner families and groups from the current build season. We’ll also be inviting all groups to bring a new friend.

Each individual will be given a little card with information about a different country (or area of the US) in which Habitat is active. Throughout the day, volunteers can share information about their country with fellow workers and during the lunch break, we will all pray for these areas. We will also play interactive trivia games, testing the knowledge of the need for housing worldwide. With the addition of the resource kits, we hope to spread awareness of Habitat’s worldwide mission.

Contact: Julia Benson
Phone: 262-483-4080
Email: vol.coord.hfh