Home Builders Blitz history

National Blitz Chairman, Tom Gipson celebrates with his Wake County homeowner at Dowling Ridge in Raleigh, NC Homeowner: Teclemicael AraiaHome Builders Blitz founder, Tom Gipson, celebrates with Habitat homeowner, Teclemicael Araia, in Raleigh, N.C.

Habitat for Humanity of Wake County (North Carolina) and local custom home builder Tom Gipson formed a partnership.

They recruited 12 additional professional homebuilders to build one house each in a five-day period, donating as much of the materials as possible.

The results were astounding: Twelve homes were completed in five days at a total cost to Habitat (not including land) of $84,000.

In addition to the donated labor and materials the builders raised $100,000 in cash donations.

“This house means a future,” says Home Builders Blitz volunteer, Kim Jefferson, “It means stability.”“This house means a future,” says Home Builders Blitz volunteer, Kim Jefferson, “It means stability.”

More than 1,000 professional homebuilders teamed with 130 Habitat affiliates across the United States, working on 459 homes, to provide housing for nearly 2,000 people.

This was the largest single U.S. home-building effort in Habitat for Humanity’s history.

During this event, in spite of a downturn in the building industry, 110 affiliates partnered with builders to complete 263 homes in 34 states.

During these two events, professional homebuilders and Habitat partnered to construct or renovate a combined 722 homes.

2012’s Home Builders Blitz brought 193 additional homes with the help and partnerships from 74 affiliates and their builders.

It also incorporated rehabs and repairs for the first time, and we are encouraging affiliates to partner in doing rehabs and repairs again in 2014. 

2014’s goal: 300 new houses
To date, 1,067 homes have been constructed, including the three Home Builders Blitz projects, 2007 off-year local builds and the pilot projects that preceded the first national build.

The 2014 goal is to construct 300 new homes while continuing to include rehabs and substantial repairs.

2014 will offer new opportunities for partnerships with builders whose specialty may be outside of new residential construction.