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2012 Habitat for Humanity Calendar: What will you build?

What will you build today? This week? This year?
Every day, somewhere in the world, Habitat for Humanity volunteers and partner families are building houses ― and something more. Something extraordinary.

Spend the year with Habitat as we ask, “What will you build?”
Each month, learn about the people around the globe who are changed by Habitat for Humanity’s ministry.


January 2012
Access to capital

In many locations, traditional homebuilding on the Habitat model is not always practical because family incomes are simply too low. These families rely instead on progressive building: gradually improving their shelter over a period of years. To assist this approach, Habitat is increasingly turning to microfinance.



February 2012
A path to recovery

Habitat for Humanity is increasingly working on disaster response as part of our mission to put the need for shelter on the hearts and minds of people everywhere.



March 2012
Worldwide connections

Habitat’s Global Village volunteer program welcomes all who want to make a difference by picking up a hammer and helping to change lives.



April 2012
Healthier families

Children and families in regions where Habitat is at work have reason to smile. Habitat for Humanity’s holistic approach to serving families has led us to create designs and to partner with other organizations to help create healthy living environments.



May 2012
Opportunities to serve

From coast to coast, veterans are pitching in as Habitat volunteers, sometimes building for fellow vets or members of the military, sometimes for civilians, and sometimes for both.



June 2012
Better futures for orphans

Mariam Nansambu was orphaned when her mother died during childbirth. Today she lives with her grandparents and seven other children in a home built with help from Habitat for Humanity Uganda’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children program.



July 2012
Strong partnerships

In China and around the world, Habitat for Humanity International is building strong partnerships with governments, corporations, nonprofits and other organizations to help eliminate poverty housing.



August 2012
A sense of community

Throughout the United States, the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative inspires Habitat affiliates to serve more families through partnerships with civic groups, businesses, churches and local governments who share the mission of empowering residents to revive their neighborhoods.



September 2012
An environment for learning

Habitat for Humanity works throughout the world to give children the basic sense of security they need to succeed by providing them with healthier communities and simple, decent, affordable homes.



October 2012
Awareness and renewal

The purpose of World Habitat Day is to call attention to the need for adequate housing for everyone. By raising awareness and advocating for universal decent housing, we hope we can alter the systems that reinforce poverty housing and make affordable housing a reality for all.



November 2012
New hope in Haiti

After a magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, Habitat for Humanity reached out to devastated Haitians with an extraordinary commitment: to help 50,000 families through a multiyear effort that includes relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction.



December 2012
A tradition of giving

The tradition of giving exemplifies the spirit of Habitat’s mission. Whether it’s materials donated by large corporations, dollars given by passionate donors, or the time and labor devoted by volunteers, their work forms unexpected connections — and reaches further into the future than they might have ever thought possible.