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Response to disasters

A disaster and its aftermath can be devastating.

However, the effects of disasters can be reduced through careful planning, early preparation and attention to long-term reconstruction.

Adequate housing plays a big role after a disaster and is often a family’s most important asset.

Habitat for Humanity helps policy makers look beyond the emergency stage, promote communication across sectors, tackle land tenure issues and ensure sufficient funding after a disaster.

Related issues:

In the Philippines, Habitat has served over 10,000 families with emergency shelter kits and shelter repair kits. We will remain involved over the long-term to help rebuild in this area where we have operated since 1988.

In Haiti, securing legal titles to property, removing rubble and working in an urban environment have all been challenges since an earthquake devastated the country in January 2010. 

Domestic Disaster Policy
In response to recent U.S. disasters, Habitat advocated to reform the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act and create a National Commission on Children and Disasters. 

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