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Becoming a Global Village Team Leader

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Global Village team leader! 

Our GV team leaders come from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences. Their common thread is a desire to help others, a passion for travel, the time to organize and lead a team and dedication to the Habitat mission and ministry.

The following information applies to leading teams from the U.S. If you are located in another country, please email for additional contact information. 

Basic requirements
The Global Village team leader is a direct representative of Habitat for Humanity and the Global Village program. Therefore, it is crucial that every team leader be well-versed in Habitat’s mission and and the purpose of the Global Village program. Team leaders should possess the skills and experience necessary to be competent leaders.

All team leaders must be trained by GV staff and complete three e-courses offered by HabitatLearns on the foundation, vision and mission principles of Habitat.

Each prospective team leader must:

  • Have a participant application and eight-digit Habitat identification on file. Learn more and fill out a participant application.
  • Be approved by Habitat GV staff.
  • Complete and submit a GV team leader application.
  • Complete first aid and CPR certification prior to leading the GV trip. To sign up for a course, try contacting your local Red Cross chapter.
  • Have significant international travel experience (with the exception of those leading teams within the United States).
  • Be at least 24 years old and meet all GV program minimum requirements for becoming a GV team leader.
  • Understand and agree to all the above as well as acknowledge that it is at the discretion of the Global Village staff to approve or decline team leader applications based upon references, requirements and experience. Interest in leading does not automatically guarantee acceptance.

Those interested in leading open-registration teams (open to the public and posted on the public site) must:

  • Have participated in at least one prior GV trip.
  • Be recommended by a GV team leader and/or an HFHI GV Volunteer Engagement specialist.
  • Leaders of closed-registration teams (a team that will not be recruiting online, i.e. a church or school group) without previous GV experience, but appointed by their group, may be permitted to lead if they meet all other requirements for team leaders.

Application process

  1. Email to request a team leader application.
  2. After you have completed the application and it has been reviewed by GV staff, we will contact you to schedule an interivew. 

Global Village team leader training
Once approved, team leaders are required to attend GV team leader training. Team leaders trained by other sending programs will need to attend training in the U.S. before leading U.S. teams. There is a registration fee to attend  team leader training and attendees pay their own travel expenses.

Presented by Habitat GV staff, these interactive trainings are two-day events held on a Friday and Saturday in various locations across the continental U.S. Closed teams are given the option of attending a four-hour online webinar instead of the two-day training event. Pre-training requirements include e-courses offered by HabitatLearns. You will need to register, complete and present your certificates at your training event for the “Foundations of Habitat for Humanity” series, which includes the following courses:

  • Beginnings of Habitat for Humanity
  • Vision And Mission of Habitat for Humanity
  • Applying Mission Principles
  • Organizational Structure of Habitat for Humanity

Please visit HabitatLearns to take these courses. Create an account and select the “Foundations of Habitat for Humanity” courses. In addition to the “Foundations” series, we encourage you to take advantage of the many other resources surrounding Habitat and housing issues worldwide available on this site.

Please note that the initial approval process may take two to three months. You should not begin planning a trip until your application has been approved and you have completed team leader training.