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Anchorage, Alaska

February 24, 2013 to March 9, 2013




This is an exciting time to be in Alaska because Anchorage comes alive in the winter months. This lucky GV Team will get to see the start of The Last Great Race - 2013 Iditarod, and will also have the opportunity to experience the 2013 Fur Rondy Festival – the state’s 10-day celebration that honors Alaska’s frontier spirit and native Alaskan traditions.

The Iditarod is a 1,100-mile sled dog race run every year from Anchorage to Nome, with more than 60 mushers and their dog teams. We’ll visit with veteran dog musher and internationally known Alaskan Artist, Jon Van Zyle at his family kennel, get to pet a few dogs and maybe even try our hand at mushing a team.

About Anchorage
Anchorage sits in a geographic bowl, bounded by the Chugach Mountains to the north and east, and by the Cook Inlet to the west and south. With a population of 265,000, it is the largest city in Alaska (41 percent of the state’s population). The majority are Caucasian (approximately 75 percent), with the remaining 25 percent split between Native Alaskans, Asians, Hispanics and African-Americans.

Anchorage is the commercial center of Alaska and in many ways looks like any other major U.S. city, with shopping malls, housing developments and office buildings (primarily oil and government). There are two military bases nearby as well.

About Habitat for Humanity Anchorage
In January 1991, a group of Anchorage residents who believed in helping people help themselves began organizing to establish Habitat for Humanity Anchorage. HFHA officially affiliated with Habitat for Humanity International in June 1992, and works with people who live in substandard conditions, volunteers and donors throughout Anchorage.

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Types of construction for volunteers
Construction for teams to Anchorage is typically on new homes. Tools and safety equipment are available, and each site is equipped with portable bathroom facilities.

Standard itinerary

Day 1 (Sunday, February 24): Arrivals, Greeted at the Anchorage airport by team leader; get outfitted for gear, travel to Hatcher Pass Lodge for night.
Day 2 (Monday, February 25): Orientation; group activity, return to Anchorage; welcome dinner.
Days 3–7 (Workdays, Tuesday, February 26- Friday, March 1): Breakfast  at host church before traveling to work site; work at construction site with lunch on site; free time after work to clean up; time for team activities. Special events throughout the week: local activities; community dinners.
Day 8 (Saturday, March 2): Watch beginning of Iditarod Sled Dog Race, Travel to Sheep Mountain Lodge.
Days 9-10 (Sunday, March 3 –Monday, March 4): Sheep Mountain Lodge.
Days 11–13 (Workdays, Tuesday, March 5–Thursday, March 7): Breakfast served before traveling to worksite with lunch on site; free time after work to clean up; time for team activities.
Day 14 (Friday, March 8): Half day work; farewell/house blessing ceremony; evaluation/debriefing; farewell dinner; departures may begin after 10 p.m.
Day 15 (Saturday, March 9): Departures

Teams stay in local churches with fully equipped kitchens available for teams to prepare meals. There are clean, adequate bathroom facilities at all churches. Showering facilities are available 24 hours a day at a local health club; teams will not be showering at the host church. Twin size air mattresses are provided. Habitat Anchorage has sleeping bags to loan to team members, but most participants choose to bring their own sleeping bags or purchase an inexpensive one in Anchorage.

Program cost

(For more details about what is included in this cost, visit Global Village program cost.)

Build a better world: Take the Global Village Challenge
Habitat for Humanity International is challenging Global Village volunteers to make an even greater impact on the global issue of poverty housing. We are asking all GV teams to help us raise an additional $1.1 million in the coming year to support Habitat’s building projects worldwide. Take up the challenge! Join us in sharing our story and building a better world!

Team leaders
Leslie Bell has lived, worked and raised three “Alaskan Grown” boys in Alaska with husband Bob since 1967 (minus the time they spend all over the world, doing the work of Habitat). Having led more than 40 teams, you will be in good hands. Between her passion for Alaska and for Habitat for Humanity, you are guaranteed to have the trip of a lifetime. You can read more about her and this team, as well as others, on her personal website: 

If, after reading through the website, you are interested in this team, please submit a Global Village application and then write to Leslie at  to let her know you have completed your application. 

To apply for a GV trip, please follow the Application Instructions.

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