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August 23, 2013 to September 1, 2013

“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment”

Join me on an adventure to beautiful Argentina. I am looking for 11 individuals who possess a sense of humor, and are flexible and compassionate. Argentina is experiencing high inflation, and that makes it nearly impossible for needy families to find affordable and safe housing. As a volunteer you will help change the fortune of partner families. It is not a prerequisite for volunteers to have mastered conversational Spanish as an interpreter will be at the build site. Fill out an application to be a part of this awesome adventure!

About Argentina
Argentina lies in the heart of South America, bordered by Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile. There is enormous geographic contrast between the expansive eastern plains and the Andes mountain range to the west. Unfortunately, there is also an enormous economic contrast. Despite breathtaking landscapes and modern business centers, four of every 10 Argentines live in inadequate housing.

About Habitat for Humanity Argentina
Recognizing the need for decent housing in Argentina, Habitat for Humanity International established operations in the country in 1992 and built its first six houses in the Olavarria, Buenos Aires province.

In 2002, HFH Argentina began hosting Global Village teams, and has provided international volunteers with an opportunity to experience its culture through elaborate welcome and farewell activities with community members and Habitat partner families. During the trip, our team will be provided with educational tools about the housing needs in Argentina that will help us learn more about the families we will be working with.

For more information on the Argentina program, visit

Types of construction for volunteers
Volunteers will work on housing improvements, finish/conclusions, repairs and additions or expansions. Additional engagement activities could include work in community development projects with Habitat partner organizations; advocacy and social projects aimed to improve the lives of those in need of housing and education in Argentina; and other unique activities as identified by Habitat Argentina.

Standard itinerary
Day 1 (typically Friday): Depart from home.
Day 2 (Saturday): Arrival in Buenos Aires; greeted by Habitat Argentina staff; transport to hotel in Buenos Aires; free afternoon to rest; team dinner.
Day 3 (Sunday): Welcome and orientation meeting with HFH Argentina staff at the national office; share a typical Argentinean meal of empanadas for lunch; travel to host affiliate.
Days 4–8 (Workdays, Monday–Friday): Breakfast served before traveling to work site; work from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. with lunch on-site; free time after work to clean up; dinner of typical Argentine food; time for team activities.

Day 9 (Saturday): Travel to Buenos Aires; free time for local activities; evaluation meeting with HPH Argentina.

Day 10 (Sunday): Departure. (Flights from Buenos Aires are typically in the evening, with next-day arrival to home city.)

This group will stay in hostel accommodations with bunk beds and four people to a room.   

Breakfast and dinner will likely be served at the hotel or nearby restaurant. Lunch will be prepared by the hostel and eaten at the work site, where snacks and water will also be provided.

Program cost
(For more details about what is included in this cost, visit Global Village program cost.)

Build a better world: Take the Global Village Challenge
Habitat for Humanity International is challenging Global Village volunteers to make an even greater impact on the global issue of poverty housing. We are asking all GV teams to help us raise an additional $1.1 million in the coming year to support Habitat’s building projects worldwide. Take up the challenge! Join us in sharing our story and building a better world!

Team leader
Hugh Robinson is a seasoned Global Village team leader. He has led teams to Kauai, Mongolia, China, Nepal, Kenya and New Zealand three times. As a volunteer, Hugh participated on builds to Costa Rica and Argentina.

Professionally, Hugh spent 33 years in education. His last position was at the University of Arizona. He is looking forward to a return trip to Argentina with an energetic and fun team. Hugh may be reached at:

To apply for a GV trip, please follow the Application Instructions.

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