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Everest Build III-Chitwan, Nepal

November 13, 2014 to November 22, 2014

Hundreds of volunteers from all over the world will shine a light on the scourge of substandard housing and demonstrate what can be accomplished when families, communities and nations come together in an effort to build a future where every man, woman and child lives in a decent home.

Everest Build 2014 aims to build at least 100 houses in a week. International and national volunteers will work alongside Habitat home partners to construct houses in five different models in the village of Jaymangala, Chitwan district. Jaymangala is a village located in Salghari Tol, Ratnanagar municipality, in Chitwan district. The village is 6 kilometers east of Narayanghat, part of the city of Bharatpur, and 3 kilometers west of Tandi Chowk. The standard of living in Jaymangala is low and houses are not well maintained. Most houses have thatched roofs, and a few roofs are made of tin sheets. Many homes are just a single room, with some extending to three rooms.

The village has access to electricity and roads, with a public government water tap used by everyone. Jaymangala’s village cooperatives, saving and lending groups and microfinance institutions are all involved in disseminating information about improved housing, bamboo house construction and Everest Build 2014.

Apply now to join this Global Village team, or email questions to team leaders Larry and Tina Galante at

Trip highlights

• Change the life of a family living in substandard conditions

• Learn about Habitat’s housing, water, sanitation and income-generating initiatives in Nepal

• Trek the Himalayans and visit Buddhist stupas and Hindu temples. 


  • Thursday: Suggested departure for North American volunteers.
  • Friday: Travel day.
  • Saturday: Arrive in Kathmandu and meet your team. Overnight in Kathmandu.
  • Sunday: Fly to Chitwan with your team; welcome dinner and orientation.
  • Monday-Friday: Build each day, with free time and team activities in the evenings.
  • Saturday-Fly back to Kathmandu. Your journey in Nepal may continue independently, or you may depart for home.

Program cost
This cost includes an important donation to Habitat for Humanity so that we can continue building safe, decent housing after you return home. For more details about what is included, visit Global Village program cost.

Share your story and keep Habitat building
Our team fundraising goal is $20,000. The impact—we will help many more families in need of housing solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

Create a page on Share.Habitat to begin telling friends, family and coworkers about your work with Habitat. You can also post updates from the field when you get the chance. Come home and share photos, videos and updates with your supporters. It’s a great way to raise support for your trip and build Habitat’s impact! Together we are improving housing conditions and ending poverty housing.

Accommodations and food
Teams stay in modest but comfortable hotels. All meals, snacks and ample water will be provided. Teams can sample the range of local cuisine at dinner.

Types of work for volunteers
Volunteers work side by side with Habitat partner families under the direction of an expert mason. Teams will work on new construction or renovation of homes. Depending on availability, materials may include: bamboo, brick, stone, cement blocks or brick. The construction tasks will vary depending on the stage of construction.

Contact this team’s leader
Have questions? Ready to join the team? Sibling leaders Larry and Tina Galante will lead this team in the field and would love to speak with you.

Larry’s best GV memory would have to be his team’s creative performance during their community day in the Philippines. The team created their own song and mix, then “wowed the crowd” with their sweet choreography, ultimately enticing a flood of kids to join in on the dance party.

Tina’s best GV memory: “For me, one of the highlights of any GV trip is working with and interacting with the homeowners and neighbors on-site. On my trip to Guatemala last summer, the families were particularly welcoming. Between working with us on the house, sharing family photos and providing great music for us all to sing and dance to, they made the work so much more fun and meaningful.”

To apply for a GV trip, please follow the Application Instructions.

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