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Central North Island, New Zealand

February 6, 2010 to February 20, 2010

Tired of the winter blues every year? Want to get away? Join this dynamic team for a build and cultural experience in beautiful New Zealand during their summer!


A New Zealander gives a thumbs-up from the roof of a Habitat house under construction.
Country Profile

About New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of rare beauty—from mountain glaciers and fast-flowing rivers to deep, clear lakes and hissing geysers. Its islands offer abundant forest reserves, deserted beaches that stretch for miles and a variety of unique wildlife, such as the kiwi bird. New Zealand’s culture reflects its British and Maori roots, and its people are known for friendliness and resourcefulness.

In spite of the beauty and political stability of this country, high inflation and unemployment levels have placed a strain on the New Zealand population as its traditionally agrarian economy becomes more industrially based. An estimated 13,000 families currently live in substandard housing, while an additional 10,000 live in accommodations urgently in need of repair. Unemployment and substandard living conditions are especially significant problems among the indigenous Maori population.

HFH New Zealand started its first affiliate and built its first house in 1993.

Recently, HFH New Zealand initiated a housing project in partnership with a local Maori tribe and the New Zealand government. The land is provided by the Maori tribe, and Habitat and the government share in providing the funds to build the houses. HFH New Zealand has a “house for a house” tithe policy. That is, for every house built in the country, a like amount is sent to a developing country.

Standard itinerary
Day 1 (Friday):
Depart from home.
Day 2 (Saturday):
Travel day.
Day 3 (Sunday):
Arrive in Auckland; greeted at airport by HFH Central North Island staff; ground transportation to host program; check in to lodging; welcome and orientation.
Days 4–9 (Monday–Saturday):
Work days, breakfast at motel; devotions at work site; work from 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. with tea breaks and lunch on site; free time after work to clean up; dinner and time for team activities.
Day 10 (Sunday):
Attend church service; free day in community for cultural activities.
Days 11–13 (Monday–Wednesday):
Work days, breakfast at motel; devotions at work site; work from 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. with tea breaks and lunch on site; free time after work to clean up; dinner and time for team activities. Farewell ceremony on Wednesday.
Days 14–15 (Thursday–Friday):
Free time and cultural activities.
Day 16 (Saturday):
Depart for home.

Team members should expect to stay at a local motel with team members sharing double- or triple-occupancy rooms. Breakfast is usually provided at the motel and lunch is taken on the work site. Dinner is taken at various restaurants or planned with the local community.

Trip cost
Trip cost includes: donation to the Habitat host program and HFHI; meals; accommodations; transport (excluding trip participant air fare); medical emergency evacuation and trip cancellation insurance; some local cultural activities and team coordination and orientation materials. The team leader’s trip cost and estimated air fare may be included in the trip budget. The trip cost does not include trip participant air fare, R&R activities or visa and exit fees (not applicable for all destinations).

Team leader
Steve Acton is the team leader for this trip. Steve has led or co-led teams to Braga, Portugal (2008); Biloxi, Mississippi (2008); Eagle Butte, South Dakota (2009) and Anchorage, Alaska (2009). Also, he has been a team member on trips to Thailand and Malaysia, in addition to spending a month in the Gulf Coast region as a long-term volunteer.

Steve is looking for enthusiastic team players to work hard to build a home (no experience necessary) for a wonderful family in Central North Island, New Zealand.

For more information about this trip, contact Steve at

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