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Kien Giang, Vietnam

March 20, 2010 to April 3, 2010

It is said that in giving we receive; join us on the March 2010 Habitat build to Kien Giang, Vietnam and see that it is true. By contributing your time, money and labor, you and your teammates will be giving a Vietnamese family the opportunity to live in decent, affordable housing. In return, you will receive not only a great feeling of accomplishment but an adventure of a lifetime as well! We will take a group of 24 volunteers. No special skills are necessary—just a willing heart and a sunny attitude. We invite you to join us this amazing adventure!

About Vietnam
Vietnam (“Viet Nam” in Vietnamese), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, bordering China, Laos and Cambodia. The population is densely packed in the bustling and chaotic streets of Hanoi in the north. About 3,450 km (2,140 miles) of coastline to the south, are tranquil rice paddies and tropical islands.

While Vietnam has the second fastest-growing economy in Asia, it is still one of the poorest countries in the region. A recent census estimated that 19.5 percent of Vietnamese live below the national poverty line. Substandard housing in Vietnam ranges from overcrowded urban units to shacks constructed from scraps or natural materials that need frequent replacing.

Habitat for Humanity in Vietnam (HFH Vietnam) was established in 2002. After completing its first project in Danang in 2004, Habitat became active in home renovation and repair in the southern Mekong Delta region. HFH Vietnam aims to assist 18,000 families by 2010. Global Village teams going to Vietnam could be working on multiple houses, depending on the projects that will be in progress at the time of the build.

Tentative itinerary
Saturday, March 20
: Depart home country.
Sunday, March 21
: Arrival in Ho Chi Minh; free time; dinner; overnight in hotel.
Monday, March 22
: Flight to Kien Giang; orientation with local staff member; visit project sites and families; welcome dinner.
Tuesday–Friday, March 23–26
: Work days.
Saturday–Sunday, March 27–28
: Free days; activities in local community.
Monday–Thursday, March 29–April 1
: Work days. Farewell dinner with families on Thursday.
Friday, April 2
: Travel to Ho Chi Minh; free time for local activities; team dinner.
Saturday, April 3
: Departure day.

Note: Special events throughout the week, including cultural experiences with affiliate staff, such as market tours, museum visits, church, historical sites, school visits, etc.

Accommodations and meals
Teams typically stay in local hotel with air conditioning, and participants share double-occupancy rooms and a private bath.

Breakfast is served at the hotel. Lunch is prepared by local restaurants that are near the work sites and is served on site. Dinners are eaten at area restaurants. Vegetarian is available on request but is not available in great variety (usually vegetables and tofu).

Trip cost
Trip cost includes: donation to the Habitat host program and HFHI; meals; accommodations; transport (excluding trip participant air fare); medical emergency evacuation and trip cancellation insurance; some local cultural activities and team coordination and orientation materials. The team leader’s trip cost and estimated air fare may be included in the trip budget. The trip cost does not include trip participant air fare, R&R activities or visa and exit fees (not applicable for all destinations).

Team leaders
John Budway and Rich Cowan are old friends and experienced leaders. John has built in Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Costa Rica and Louisiana and has led teams to Kyrgyzstan, Thailand and Hungary over the years. Rich has built and led many teams to many countries since his first Habitat experience in 1996.

“Habitat has provided us with an opportunity to see firsthand what good people can accomplish when they make the effort to help others. It also gives us the opportunity of sharing this experience with each of you. We look forward to your joining us and experiencing the culture, the beauty and the people of Vietnam.”

For more information about this trip, contact John and Rich at

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