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Comanesti, Romania

October 9, 2009 to October 19, 2009

Warning! By joining this trip, you are committing to an international cultural adventure with a team of open-minded global citizens in order to make an impact on the lives of others. You will also likely learn more about yourself and build bonds with teammates!

No previous building skills or volunteerism required—only an open mind, a great attitude and a willingness to make a difference!


The Heredea family belongs to the 6.5 million Romanians living in poverty.
Romania’s country profile

About Romania

Romania is located in southeastern Europe and borders the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine. Romania has an estimated population of 22.3 million (2007 estimate).

Its landscape is broken by the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps. The climate is cold and cloudy in Winter, with frequent snow and fog, and Summer is sunny, with frequent showers and thunderstorms.

Romanian is the main ethnic group (nearly 90 percent), but there are also sizable Hungarian (6.6 percent) and Roma (2.5 percent) populations. Romanian is the official language. The dominant religion is Eastern Orthodox (87 percent, including all sub-denominations). Minority religions include Protestant (7.5 percent) and Roman Catholic (4.7 percent).

About Habitat for Humanity Romania
Romania became the 50th Habitat for Humanity country after being invited to help in Beius. Six other communities, including Cluj-Napoca (Cluj), Pitesti, Radauti, Comanesti, Cumpana and Craiova have since taken up the challenge of ending poverty housing as part of Habitat. Now, more than 1,200 families in Romania that previously lived in miserable conditions have a safe and healthy home.

Comanesti is located in an area originally settled by religious and political refugees, near the former Austro-Hungarian border with the Moldovan part of Romania. This medium-size town in a wine-growing region of the Carpathian Mountains offers magnificent scenery and abundant outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, swimming and mountain biking. Another attraction is the local health spas, which include the largest underground sanatorium in Europe. A hilltop monastery overlooks the main road into town, and a summer palace, now dedicated to the display of fine and applied art, is situated near the center. The area experienced tremendous growth in the 1950s, though regional craftspeople still use traditional techniques to make carpets, pottery and wooden gates.

Types of construction for volunteers
Depending on the stage of construction, our team will work on a variety of tasks: new construction of single and duplex wood-frame houses and home renovations and repairs. No construction experience is required for GV participants.

For more information about Habitat for Humanity Romania visit

Standard itinerary
(11-day itinerary)

Day 1, typically Friday: Depart for Romania.
Day 2, Saturday: Arrive in Bucharest, Romania; overnight in hotel; team dinner.
Day 3, Sunday: Travel to host program; welcome and orientation with Habitat host program staff member; dinner.
Days 4–9, Monday–Saturday (Work days): Breakfast served before traveling to work site; work from 8 a.m.–4 p.m. with lunch on sit; free time after work to clean up; dinner in local restaurants; time for team activities; walking tour of host city. Farewell dinner on Day 9.
Day 10, Sunday: Travel to Bucharest, Romania; free time; final team dinner.
Day 11, Monday: Departure day.

Note: Trip includes special events throughout the week, including cultural experiences with host program staff, such as market tours, museum visits, etc.

Teams traveling to Comanesti, Romania should expect to stay in a modest guesthouse with double- or triple-occupancy rooms and a shared bath. Meals are usually taken at local restaurants or prepared by the team.

Trip cost
Trip cost includes: donation to the Habitat host program and HFHI; meals; accommodations; transport (excluding trip participant air fare); medical emergency evacuation and trip cancellation insurance; some local cultural activities and team coordination and orientation materials. The team leader’s trip cost and estimated air fare may be included in the trip budget. The trip cost does not include trip participant air fare, R&R activities or visa and exit fees (not applicable for all destinations).

Team leader
Jon Gotte grew up in upstate New York and has lived in New York City and Chicago. He currently resides in Minneapolis. Jon is a business consultant who helps companies operate more cost-effectively. When the business attire is put away, Jon enjoys strapping on his backpack and exploring the world. He has spent considerable time in Eastern and Western Europe as well as Asia. Jon enjoys meeting interesting people, sharing travel stories and immersing himself in new cultures while making a difference in global communities. One of his most memorable travel adventures was his Global Village build in Beius, Romania. Jon cannot wait to lead his first Global Village trip and hopes you can join!

For more information, contact Jon at

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