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August 6, 2010 to August 20, 2010

Join this Global Village team in Fiji to help a family build a decent place to live. Men and women of all walks of life are invited to be part of this team. We will have a place for all skill levels and backgrounds.


Two men work to build a Habitat house.
Fiji’s country profile

About Fiji

The Fiji archipelago includes 332 islands—approximately 110 of them inhabited. The island’s population is almost 50 percent Fijian and 46 percent Indian.

Fiji’s mountainous terrain and climate make it conducive for producing sugar, bananas and coconuts for export. Land zoning laws, however, make it illegal for non-ethnic Fijians to own agricultural lands. As a result, almost 70 percent of the population—Indians and impoverished Fijians—rely on subsistence agriculture for survival.

About Habitat for Humanity Fiji
HFH Fiji has been in operation since 1992 on Fiji’s major island, Veti Levu. HFH Fiji houses are constructed with concrete blocks or timber, replacing the traditional bamboo, woven mat and dirt floor homes that do not withstand the rainy season. Local affiliates spend much of their time on land acquisition and advocacy issues and are making a difference in the community.

Standard itinerary
(14-day itinerary)
Day 1, Friday, August 6
: Depart for Fiji. (cross the international date line and lose one day)
Day 2, Sunday, August 8
: Arrive in Suva.
Day 3, Monday, August 9
: Travel to project site; welcome and orientation with local staff member; welcome dinner.
Days 4–8, Tuesday–Saturday, August 10–14 (workdays)
: Breakfast served before traveling to work site; work from 9 a.m.–4 p.m., with lunch on site; free time after work to clean up; dinner; time for team activities.
Day 9, Sunday, August 15
: Free day: activity in local community.
Day 10–12, Monday–Wednesday, August 16–18 (workdays)
: Breakfast served before traveling to work site; work from 9 a.m.–4 p.m., with lunch on site; free time after work to clean up; dinner at house; time for team activities; farewell with community.
Day 13, Thursday, August 19
: Travel to Suva; free time; final team dinner.
Day 14, Friday, August 20
: Departure day.

Note: Special events throughout the week include cultural experiences with affiliate staff, such as market tours and visits to museums, church, historical sites, etc.

Optional post build, recreation, exploration and relaxation excursion will be offered to the team. If you participate in the optional excursion, there will be some additional cost. The cost will be collected separately from the HFHI funds. We are working to keep this adventure very inexpensive, but nice and comfortable. Departures for participating team members should to be planned for Saturday, August 21.

Global Village teams to Fiji can expect to stay at a modest hotel, depending on the location. Rooms will be at least double-occupancy in a hotel.

Breakfast is usually provided at the hotel, and lunch is usually provided by the affiliate and taken on the work site. Dinner is taken at various restaurants or provided by the hotel.

Trip cost
(For more details about what is included in this cost, visit Global Village trip cost.)

Team leader
Dan Stowers of Hendersonville, North Carolina is a seasoned Global Village team leader. This will be his 25th trip as a team leader! Dan was formerly employed by Habitat for Humanity in Tampa, Florida and has worked as a construction leader with the HFHI Jimmy Carter Work Projects in Korea, South Africa and Valdosta, Georgia.

For more information about this GV trip to Fiji, contact Dan by phone at 828-595-4475 or by e-mail at

To apply for a GV trip, please follow the Application Instructions.

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