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Kauai, Hawaii

January 22, 2013 to February 1, 2013

If your idea of fun is helping build homes for those in need while basking in the sun with ocean views, then come along on our Global Village trip to the paradise of Kauai, Hawaii.

About Kauai
Kauai is a rural tropical island, the northern most of the Hawaiian Island chain, with a population of approximately 56,000. The island is small, at only 25 miles wide and 33 miles long. Kauai’s main economic industries are agriculture and tourism. Kauai is an ethnically diverse community with Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Black, Caucasian, Samoan and Tahitian residents.

With the influx of affluent tourist and vacation homes and rentals, however, the cost of living and housing in Kauai has increased dramatically. There is a consistent shortage of housing for local residents and an even more dramatic shortage of affordable housing for low-income families. The average single-family home price is $477,500 and the median income for a family of four is $56,100. Most working-class families cannot afford to own their own homes.

The island also suffers a large homeless problem, with many families living on the beach, in their cars, in carports or with relatives. Working-class families also cannot find homes to rent, and purchasing a home is not possible.

About Kauai Habitat for Humanity
Kauai Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to eliminate substandard housing, and in the process, improve communities. Kauai Habitat was formed in 1993 and has built more than 100 homes. It has launched the Ele’ele Project, which will include an additional 100 homes.

Learn more at

Types of construction for volunteers
A variety of new construction awaits volunteers. The houses are wood frame structures commonly found in the United States.

Standard itinerary
Tuesday, January 22: Arrive at Lihue Airport.
Wednesday, January 23: Orientation and cultural activities; adjustment to time change
Thursday, January 24–Saturday, January 26: Build.
Sunday and Monday, January 27-28: Recreation and cultural activities.
Tuesday and Wednesday, January 29–30: Build; Mahalo dinner on Wednesday.
Thursday, January 31: Recreation and cultural activities.
Friday, February 1: Departure from Lihue Airport.

Program cost
(For more details about what is included in this cost, visit Global Village program cost.)

Build a better world: Take the Global Village Challenge
Habitat for Humanity International is challenging Global Village volunteers to make an even greater impact on the global issue of poverty housing. We are asking all GV teams to help us raise an additional $1.1 million in the coming year to support Habitat’s building projects worldwide. Take up the challenge! Join us in sharing our story and building a better world!

Team leaders
We are two leaders on this trip and we are both so excited to share this experience with our team.

Jan Roberta, Norwich, CT. My name is Jan Roberta, and I plan to co-lead a great team of dedicated, fun-loving volunteers. I have attended eight Jimmy Carter Work Projects in the states and abroad. I also traveled as a team member on two previous Global Village trips, one to Romania and one to Kauai. I led my first Global Village team last year to Kauai. I am so excited to return and continue to address the housing needs in gorgeous Kauai. It will be a treat to enjoy lodging in the new volunteer house that I helped build!

Jean Currie, Vancouver, WA. Hi, I am Jean Currie, and I will be co-leading this trip. I met Jan when I did my first Global Village HFH trip to Kauai, Hawaii in February, 2012. When I went to Kauai, I didn’t want to be just a tourist. I wanted to do something more meaningful and thought, “what better way to contribute than to help someone receive a home?” Jan was my inspiration to become a Global Village HFH leader, so I took the training and talked her into co-leading a team (it wasn’t hard to convince her). I am looking forward to this new adventure, and to meeting you, so please come along with us to Kauai.

Email Jan at; or Jean at with any questions or to discuss your interest in this trip to Kauai.


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