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August 24, 2013 to August 31, 2013

Lesotho is calling you! Our community partners at HFH Lesotho are gearing up for your involvement. As you answer this call to global service, we applaud in advance your acts of kindness, generosity, and positive change. We promise you will benefit as much as the lives you impact. Read on for details about how you can join us.

About Lesotho
Lesotho is a mountainous country completely surrounded by South Africa. Given its mountainous terrain, it is the only nation in the world that lies entirely above 1,000 meters in elevation. 

Nearly 68 percent of the 2 million population live in unhealthy and substandard conditions. The country also has an extremely high prevalence of HIV, which has resulted in many thousands of children left orphaned and vulnerable.

Habitat for Humanity Lesotho primarily builds homes for orphans and vulnerable children, and they also provide safe shelter to those left homeless after natural disasters. All homeowners participate in the construction process to ensure a sense of ownership and strengthen their capacity to maintain their homes for long-term sustainability.

About this build
This Global Village team will work with the Orphans and Vulnerable Children project, building a house for children and their caretaker. Community members will build alongside us. 

The homes range from one- to three-room structures. All families are also provided with a sanitary pit latrine, if needed. Work may include mixing mortar, putting up windowpanes and doorframes, pouring cement floor slabs, moving bricks, passing mortar, plastering interior walls and possibly roofing.

Tentative itinerary
Day 1: Depart for Lesotho.
Day 2: Travel day; arrive in Johannesburg for overnight stay.
Day 3: Arrive mid-afternoon. Pick-up from the hotel by a hired transport company; two shuttles will be at the airport awaiting group’s arrival. Transfer to guesthouse in worksite area; lunch; orientation and dinner at guesthouse.
Days 4–7: Breakfast at guesthouse; travel to work site to build at 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.; lunch on-site; dinner at the guesthouse.
Day 8: Breakfast at guesthouse; work 8:30 a.m. - noon; lunch; house dedication; dinner at lodge.
Day 9: Departure day. Breakfast at lodge; free time for local hike or craft shopping; lunch at lodge; shuttle to the airport for departure or independent travel. 

The team will stay at a modest lodge or guesthouse. Participants will share double-occupancy rooms. There will be shower facilities and a toilet in each room.

Program cost
(For more details about what is included in this cost, visit Global Village program cost.)

Increase your impact: Take the GV Challenge
Habitat for Humanity is accelerating its work to end poverty housing, and we need Global Village teams to help. Set a goal and fundraise to make your impact last longer than the days you’re in the field. Your support builds more homes, creates resource centers, educates families and advances our projects to build sustainable communities. We’ll even provide tools to make fundraising easy. Take the GV Challenge—join us in sharing our story and building a better world. 

Team leader Sherrice Johnson
Sherrice Johnson believes deeply in giving and supporting communities. As a former Peace Corps volunteer, she is passionate about volunteerism and an advocate for affordable, decent housing for all. 

If you are interested in working in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and our 2013 Lesotho team—a great group of adventurous and diverse volunteers—please contact Sherrice at

To apply for a GV trip, please follow the Application Instructions.

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