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Casablanca, Chile

August 9, 2014 to August 17, 2014

Partner with two Chilean families to make critical improvements to their homes. Your work together will enable their developmentally disabled children to return home from a hospital or treatment center and continue care in a safe, healthy environment. Leave Chile knowing that your team’s work reunited a family.

Eat, work and spend time with your two partner families in Casablanca, where you’ll experience life in a typical Chilean town. Get to know neighbors and community members and learn about our staff’s innovative work. You will also see how locals make a living when you visit an organic vineyard.

Join a team of like-minded volunteers, then come home ready to tell friends how Habitat is transforming communities in Chile one family at a time.

Program cost

This cost includes a significant donation to Habitat for Humanity, and it covers the volunteer’s accommodations, meals, in-country transportation and travel medical insurance. Read details.

You may fundraise the program cost, pay it all or pay some yourself and fundraise the rest. With our help, fundraising with social media and email will be easy. We hope that you will set a goal above program cost. That additional donation will keep Habitat building after your team returns home. Joining this team can be your first step in making Chile a better place to live.


  • Saturday, day 1: Volunteers traveling from North America depart.
  • Sunday, day 2: Arrive in Santiago, meet your team and travel to Casablanca. Habitat for Humanity Chile staff introduces their work.
  • Monday-Tuesday, days 3-4: Build on the worksite and get to know your partner families. Spend evenings exploring Casablanca.
  • Wednesday, day 5: Build until lunch, then visit an organic vineyard.
  • Thursday-Friday, days 6-7: Build on the worksite.
  • Saturday, day 8: Build until lunch, then enjoy a farewell barbeque with partner families.
  • Sunday, day 9: Travel back to Santiago. Your travel in South America may continue independently, or you may depart for home.

Trip highlights

  • Your team’s housing improvements will bring disabled children home from a treatment center
  • Become an honorary family member when you work and live alongside the families
  • Glimpse the town economy when you visit a local vineyard

Meals and accommodations
Teams stay at modest, comfortable hostels. Enjoy typical Chilean meals prepared by locals, including your partner families.

Tasks on the work site
Typical work for a Global Village team may include digging foundation, framing walls, mixing cement, painting, carrying construction materials and other tasks assigned by the expert construction crew.

Contact this team’s leader
Have questions? Ready to join? Email team leader Les Regehr

Les’s favorite GV memory: “During my build in Comanesti, Romania, my team worked side by side on a project with students from the local high school. The group taught us traditional dances, took us to visit a monastery and introduced us to the mayor at city hall. My passion for experiencing local culture like an insider is just one of many reasons why I continue my involvement with the GV program.”

To apply for a Global Village trip, please follow the Application Instructions.

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