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Costa Rica

November 29, 2014 to December 7, 2014

About Costa Rica
Costa Rica (Spanish for “Rich Coast”) is situated in Central America where a variety of historic cultures have meshed over the centuries. One of the more progressive democracies in the Americas, Costa Rica still has its share of housing needs – with nearly 700,000 new or improved housing units needed. Though Costa Rica has a fairly stable economy, large government deficits have also undermined efforts to maintain the quality of social services.

Costa Rica’s neighbors include Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

About Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica
Habitat Costa Rica began building in 1988, but ceased operations in 1991 with the introduction of an ambitious government housing program that gave houses to the poor. However, with large cutbacks in the government program and an estimated 35 percent of the country’s population still living in substandard housing, in 1996 Costa Rica invited Habitat for Humanity to help once again.

Since then, Habitat Costa Rica has built hundreds of homes with partner families. Today, the program is focusing on ways to reach those families that have even fewer resources through initiatives like “progressive” housing, houses built in stages, repair, enlargement, improvement and completion of half-built houses. Habitat for Humanity International also has its area office for the entire Latin America and Caribbean region based in Costa Rica.

For more information on the Costa Rica program, visit

Program cost
This cost includes a significant donation to Habitat for Humanity, and it covers the volunteer’s accommodations, meals, in-country transportation and travel medical insurance. Read details.

You may fundraise the program cost, pay it all, or pay some yourself and fundraise the rest. With our help, fundraising with social media and email will be easy. We hope that you will set a goal above program cost. That additional donation will keep Habitat building after your team returns home. Joining this team can be your first step in making Costa Rica a better place to live.

Day 1, Saturday: Arrive at San Jose airport, where Habitat for Humanity staff welcomes you. Meet your team over dinner.
Day 2, Sunday: Travel to host site, where Habitat staff will introduce you to our work in Costa Rica and show you the community where you’ll work.
Days 3-7, Monday-Friday: Build on-site, with free time and team activities in the evenings.
Day 8, Saturday: Visit Manuel Antonio National Park and enjoy a celebration dinner.
Day 9, Sunday: Depart for home, or independently continue your journey in Central America.

HFH Costa Rica will choose the team’s lodging taking into consideration our group’s size. Teams usually stay in basic, safe hotels, with team members staying two to four people per room. 

Breakfast and dinner will likely be served at the hotel or nearby restaurant. Lunch will be eaten at the work site, where snacks and water will also be provided. There will be ample opportunities to enjoy traditional Costa Rican meals such as gallo pinto and casado.

Tasks on the work site
Volunteers will assist with prefabricated construction. Tasks will include digging post holes, a septic hole and drainage ditch; mixing concrete; setting posts; and moving and assembling pre-fabricated concrete walls.

Contact this team’s leader
Have questions? Ready to join the team? Chris Bibbo will lead this team in the field and would love to speak with you.

Chris’s favorite GV memory: “On a recent GV trip to Hungary, our team partnered with a family of five to install external insulation on their home. The family had been struggling with ‘fuel poverty.’ Because their home was poorly insulated, they had to spend an inordinate amount of their income to heat it, leaving little left over for other necessities. The dad cried at the farewell dinner when he talked about what a difference this was going to make for them, and how much it meant to him to have a warm home for his family. It was a real blessing for all of us to be able to have that kind of an impact in such a short period of time. This is one of the things I love about Global Village trips and I’m looking forward to working with this team in Costa Rica!”

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