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  • Ezekiel Esipisu
    Housing Finance Director

    Mr. Esipisu is a micro and rural finance specialist with 15 years’ experience conducting assessments, and designing and implementing projects in Africa. He has carried out consultancies focusing on rural finance for reputable organizations within the region. He has an M.A. in social sciences and has received further specialized training in microfinance and enterprise development.

    Mr. Esipisu has wide experience advising program placement (focusing on microfinance) for development organizations including PLAN International and K-Rep. He has previously worked as a senior researcher at K-Rep, microfinance advisor for Plan International and country director for Kenya ECLOF. Most recently, he worked as a regional director for Habitat for Humanity International (East Africa and Middle East) supporting seven countries within the region to design and implement housing microfinance programs.

    Currently, he is working as the housing finance director for Habitat for Humanity International (Africa and Middle East Area) based in Pretoria South Africa. He is responsible for the implementation of the housing microfinance strategy in the region.