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  • Patrick McAllister
    Director of Housing Finance, Asia/Pacific

    Mr. McAllister leads the Asia/Pacific region’s strategy in housing finance, including promotion of innovative investment vehicles, microfinance, savings and financial education. He has worked in retail banking and with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, creating alternatives to foreclosure for low income borrowers and securitization of mortgage assets.

    He was director of microfinance at Catholic Relief Services, overseeing microfinance programs in 30 countries. He founded a consulting firm advising clients on financial inclusion, consumer protection and market development, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank and the Small Enterprise Education and Promotion (SEEP) network. Mr. McAllister holds an M.A. in development studies from University College, Dublin, and a B.A. in economics from the University of Wisconsin. He is based in Bangkok.

  • Rajan Samuel
    Housing Finance Manager, Asia/Pacific

    Mr. Samuel’s responsibilities include identifying alternative legal structures to promote housing for the poor; providing structured technical assistance to partner organizations in the area of risk, fund and portfolio management; and developing alternative financial instruments to tap into capital markets. He is also involved in mentoring and coaching housing finance staff and partners.

    Mr. Samuel has been involved in finance and community development for more than 24 years and has undertaken assignments in 25 countries. He has worked for EFICOR, Opportunity International, World Bank, Khula Finance, DFID, IFAD, CARE, World Vision, Danida and others. He has a master’s degree in commerce and business administration. Mr. Samuel has submitted his Ph.D. thesis on microfinance and transitioning economies with the Azerbaijan Economic University.

  • Jennifer Oomen
    Housing Finance Manager, Asia/Pacific

    Ms. Oomen’s responsibilities include developing and supporting financial education initiatives and savings-based lending models in country programs in the region. She works in collaboration with other regions throughout the Habitat network to develop best practices in the area of financial education curricula and delivery.

    Prior to working in the regional office, Ms. Oomen worked as the chief operations officer at Habitat Malaysia where she was responsible for developing financial education programs and delivery of housing solutions for low income and indigenous families throughout Malaysia. She has also worked with displaced populations in Kampala, Uganda, the homelessness in the United States, and with a European charity sector in London.

    Ms. Oomen holds a master’s degree in urbanization and development from the London School of Economics and a bachelor’s in sociology from the University of Wisconsin. She is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  • Aruna Paul
    Regional Program Adviser, South Asia

    Mr. Paul joined Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka in 1997 to work as manager for training/affiliate development. He was instrumental in developing new initiatives, such as Save & Build and Building in Stages. The main emphasis of these approaches is on community development prior to housing so that the target community can become eligible for the Habitat housing loan. This is mainly done through micro-credit saving group formation where the groups are led towards sustainability.

    The Save & Build methodology has won awards from Habitat International and has also figured as the runner-up at the World Bank Development Marketplace Initiative. In 2004, Mr. Paul became the regional program adviser for the South Asian countries in order to promote the Save & Build methodology and housing microfinance. At present, Mr. Paul also holds the responsibility of country representative for Nepal.

  • G. Milroy Paul
    Head, Micro Finance – India

    Mr. Paul’s responsibilities include organizational development; planning, designing and development of programs; development of systems and procedures; and program implementation by providing financial and non-financial housing microfinance services to partner MFIs. Prior to joining Habitat for Humanity India, Mr. Paul was with Friends of Women’s World Banking India, a leading wholesale microfinance funding agency in India, as consultant/technical assistance and capacity building.

    He has more than 29 years of hands-on experience as a development banker in one of the leading public sector commercial banks in India, holding senior positions. His core competencies include capacity building and training, financing and funding MFIs, MFI assessment and restructuring, and systems development. Mr. Paul holds a degree in agricultural science and post graduate diplomas in training and development and human resources management.

  • Henry Waller
    Director of Housing Micro Finance Technical Assistance Center, India

    Mr. Waller joined Habitat India in November 2009 to lead the Housing Microfinance Technical Assistance Center, an innovative unit consisting of a technical team of engineers and microfinance product development specialists that advise MFIs how to transform access to housing finance.

    Prior to Habitat, he served with World Vision International in 10 different countries. He has pioneered microfinance and MED programs in Asia, steering from assistance to operational sustainability, including establishing an operationally sustainable microfinance program amidst sponsorship funded programs in Myanmar.

    Mr. Waller holds an M.S. in economic development from Eastern University (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.), an MBA in human resources from XLRI (Jamshedpur, India) and a master’s degree in commerce from Loyola College (Chennai, India).

  • Senthilvel, K
    Team Leader, CTS - India

    Mr. Senthilvel joined Habitat India in April 2010 as head of the technical team of the Technical Assistance Centre. Prior to Habitat, he practiced as a consultant architect for 23 years, building homes for people a wide cross section of communities in India. He is a specialist in cost-effective, appropriate building technology.

    Mr. Senthilvel is a graduate in architecture from the Anna University (Chennai, India) and holds an master’s in visual design from I.I.T. in Mumbai, India.

  • Ricky Tupanwael,
    Housing Finance Manager – Indonesia

    Mr. Tupanwael joined Habitat for Humanity Indonesia in June 2005 as a national accountant. In 2009, he took over responsibility of systems and procedures for repayment; families served; life insurance for the home owner; and the monitoring & evaluation portfolio. Previously, he worked as a government accountant for 20 years supervising the performance of government-owned companies and government offices.

    He has experience working with Indonesian government community empowerment-income assistance programs, which mitigated the impact of the economic crisis of 1998 and supervised the flow of aid funds by the government to the public sector and revolving funds. Before joining the Habitat in June 2005, Mr. Tupanwael was an emergency responder after the tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia.

  • Marco G. Montemayor
    Project Consultant / Acting Head of Mortgage Repayment – Philippines

    Mr. Maontemayor joined Habitat for Humanity Philippines in April 2010. His responsibility is to set up the credit and collection department, and oversee testing and monitoring of credit strategies. Before moving to the Philippines, he worked with Habitat for Humanity Latin America as credit consultant and project assistant from 2003-2006.

    Mr. Montemayor holds a bachelor of arts from De La Salle University in Manilla (major in economics and minor in developmental studies).