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Our team


  • María Teresa Morales
    Director – Housing Finance LAC

    Ms. Morales is an experienced certified public accountant, proficient in English. During 16 years of professional experience, she has occupied several managerial positions in KPMG Peat Marwick, Unisys Corporation and Habitat for Humanity LAC. At KPMG Peat Marwick, she worked as a consultant in the area of Corporate Finance and Business Transformation.

    At Unisys Corporation she occupied several positions and her last position in the organization was as a Controller where she developed experience to manage the accounting and financial activities of a firm, as well as to prepare and present reports regarding a firm’s financial operations. She has earned a master’s of science in technology management from University of Maryland.

    In the past two years, she has been in charge of the IDB-MIF/Habitat Housing Microfinance Project.

  • María Sáenz
    Manager, Housing Subsidies and Remittances

    Ms. Sáenz manages the Remittances and Housing Subsidies projects at Habitat for Humanity International’s Latin American and Caribbean office. She has 15 years of experience in international management and applied research at civil society organizations, mainly in Central America. Ms. Sáenz has skills in strategy development, alliance building, fund raising, negotiation, team building and management.

    A native of Guatemala, she has lived and worked in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Perú and the United States. In Costa Rica, she co-founded and was executive director of Fundación Acceso, a not-for-profit organization, which seeks to improve the effectiveness of civil society organizations in Central America. She has served as a consultant to the World Bank, UNDP, Carleton University, Universalia Management Group and other development organizations.

    As a W.K. Kellogg Foundation Leadership Program fellow, Ms. Sáenz earned a master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University and also holds a master’s degree in entomology.

  • Enrique Montero
    Systems and Processes Specialist

    Mr. Montero has been working for Habitat for Humanity for 14 years. Today he works with National Organizations in credit improvement processes, developing skills and launching processes for organizational changes related to programmatic redefinition. Mr. Montero has also been executive director in Costa Rica and Ecuador, coordinator to several National Programs (Costa Rica and Ecuador), international consultant for programs in Nicaragua and Honduras consulting the board of directors and the executive directors. He has led and coordinated the installation of specialized software for the administration of the loan portfolio in several countries in LAC.

    Mr. Montero has a master of arts in organizational leadership from Eastern University-Saint Davis Pennsylvania and a degree in system engineering from the Magister University in Costa Rica. He has also completed executive training in management and finance for NGOs from INCAE Business School in Costa Rica.

  • Mario Moran
    Project Manager, Financial Literacy

    Mr. Moran has been working for Habitat for Humanity in housing programs, microfinance and the administration of projects in Latin America and the Caribbean for more than 10 years. Today, he is leading Habitat’s Financial Literacy Project in 12 countries. Mr. Moran has served as a country director and a financial/project director for economic development projects in El Salvador and Honduras with Compassion International and USAID El Salvador, respectively.

    Mr. Moran speaks English in addition to his native Spanish. He has degrees in industrial and electrical engineering from the Polytechnic and National University in El Salvador, and has attended training courses including the Boulder Microfinance Program (Turin, Italy) and the Leadership Management Program at INCAE.

  • Juan David Buenosaires
    Project Manager, Sustainable Financial Models

    Mr. Buenosaires has been involved with Habitat for Humanity LAC for more than 11 years. He is currently responsible for the design and implementation of tier two Fund initiatives. This initiative seeks sustainable alternatives to tier one lending programs in National Organizations.

    He holds a B.S. in information technology with an emphasis on business and finance from the University of Texas. He also has a technical degree in accounting from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City. Additionally, Mr. Buenosaires has attended training courses in Microfin & Frame Tool from SEEPNETWORK, Successfully Executive Strategic Change from Connerpartner and Strategy & Leadership from INCAE.

  • Belinda Florez
    Project Manager, MFI Alliances

    Ms. Florez is responsible for the design and management of alliances with MFIs that are implementing home improvement loans, These include CREDIVISION, FINANCIERA EDYFICAR, Caja Rural PROFINANZAS, PRISMA y FINCA en Peru; FONKOZE (Haiti); FUNDECOCA (Costa Rica); FDL (Nicaragua); ADOPEM, ADEMI, FIME, ASPIRE y MUDE en Republican Dominican .

    Additionally, she coordinates market research, product design and the pilot of housing finance. A native of Colombia, Ms. Florez has a master’s degree in organizational leadership and a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She previously worked with Opportunity International for seven years, designing and implementing institutional evaluations; planning and implementing institutional changes for the Latin America partners.

    Ms. Florez worked with World Vision in Colombia for 10 years, where she began as an administrative technician and moved into roles of increasing responsibility until she ultimately became the World Vision national accounting and finance manager.

  • Yansi Abarca Amador

    Ms. Amador has a master’s in financial managing from Universidad Fundepos Alma Mater de Costa Rica. She is an authorized public accountant and has a degree in accounting and a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Costa Rica. She has seven years of experience in financial analysis in Grupo Farmanova Intermed and Habitat for Humanity. She was an auditor and a deputy manager for accounting in Grupo Farmanova Intermed and Vehiculos Internacionales VEINSA for five years.

    For the last six years, she has worked with Habitat for Humanity as a project manager of housing microfinance. She coordinates, develops and trains financial institutions to use tools for financial projection. Before this position, she worked as accounting financial officer for National Offices in Latin America and the Caribbean in charge of the elaboration and analysis of the accounting financial reports for headquarters.

  • Adriana Llorca
    Housing Investment Strategy Manager

    For twelve years Ms. Llorca has worked in several managing positions, investing and managing of credit products in banking and commerce. She is skillful in investment strategies, product and promotion design. She is also skilled in client negotiation, creating alliances, credit management, creating strategies to outsource services, training and resource management.

    Ms. Llorca is in charge in developing alliances with social investors, supporting the national organization to implement a wholesale lending strategy and managing the internal loan fund. She has a business administration degree and a master’s in economy and financial management from the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona Spain.