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Young people are most affected by lack of adequate housing

San José, Costa Rica (July 30, 2014) — In many developing countries, 6 out of 10 people living in cities are between the ages of 15 and 24. These young people grow up in the midst of major urban problems such as lack of adequate housing, insecurity and drug abuse.
Studies by the United Nations Human Settlements Program´s regional office in Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-HABITAT) confirm that young people are disproportionately affected by these urban problems. However, they also recognize the potential of the youth as a major force for creating a better urban future.
On International Youth Day (August 12), Habitat for Humanity, a global non-profit NGO, invites young people in the region to become a force of change and ensure that all people have an adequate place to live. 
Adequate housing is essential, especially for children and youth. Having a safe, comfortable and protected environment contributes to a person’s social and emotional development, provides stability and facilitates academic and work success.
That is why several Habitat for Humanity national offices in Latin America and the Caribbean will hold activities to commemorate this date and raise awareness of the role that adequate housing has in breaking the cycle of poverty.
In Guatemala, for example, a group of young volunteers will travel for the second consecutive year to the Sansare community in the department of El Progreso, to help improve housing conditions. This year, they will focus on Los Cerritos school.
For more information on the International Youth Day activities, please contact Habitat for Humanity´s office in your country:
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