Hábitat para la Humanidad Dominican Republic

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HFH Dominican Republic
Calle Pidagro No. 58, El Millon
Santo Domingo, D.N.
Dominican Republic
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Country Profile

Habitat for Humanity in the Dominican Republic
Habitat in The Dominican Republic seeks to improve the living conditions of low-income families through access to adequate housing. Since 1986, the organization has helped more than 7,000 families with housing solutions.
Visit us at: www.habitatdominicana.org

Housing need in the Dominican Republic
In the Dominican Republic, the housing deficit exceeds 1,200,000 housing units, of which about 60% is qualitative (UNDP 2010). This means that the number of inadequate housing is greater than the number of families without homes. This figure is growing annually by an average of 50,000 to 60,000 homes. Nationally, the housing production system is the self-production or social production, which is the construction of housing with the involvement of families and

Habitat’s contribution in the Dominican Republic
Habitat Dominican Republic contributes to improving the living conditions of families that are part of a qualitative and quantitative housing deficit. This is achieved by developing construction programs, generating partnerships with micro financial institutions to facilitate access to credit for low-income families, and creating programs of financial and constructive education, to support and contribute to deficit reduction.

Access Services Housing: We offer services (financial and non-financial) that help families access or update land tenure, basic essential services and turn housing into a durable asset. We provide technical construction support services, training in various topics like financial education, master builders, risk management and basic construction. We develop partnerships to promote organized, committed and empowered communities.

Financial Services: Seeks to facilitate access to microcredit for housing for low-income families, so that they can acquire, repair or improve a complete house. We partner with other non-profit organizations and microfinance institutions to serve the quantitative housing deficit in the country.

Volunteerism: We have successfully organized brigades of national and international volunteer work in order to mobilize the hearts, hands and voices of volunteers for the cause of adequate and affordable housing. We invite national and international brigades to join and our work and build hand in hand with the families we serve.

Meet a Habitat family

Arsenio works as a security officer in a company and with his wife, Florinda, caressed the dream of having adequate housing. He applied to the project “Building Hope Step by Step” in order to finish the house
that had begun with a ceiling of reinforced concrete and has made progress in gradually building it. He says he will build what remains in order to move in stages and said he felt lucky for the support offered by Habitat Dominicana for being beneficiary of the project.

Father of five children, Arsenio wants to move into his new home as soon as possible. He said he felt grateful for the support of Habitat to channel their dreams and hopes that the project can help more Dominican families in need of a suitable home. “The house is the future of my family,” he said.

What you can do
You can help families in need in The Dominican Republic, currently living in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions, by one or more of
the following:


Participate in any of the Global Village teams travelling to the Dominican Republic, or lead your own. For more information, visit:

To learn more about Habitat’s programs in the Dominican Republic, please contact:
Cesarina Fabian, National Director cfabian@habitatdominicana.org