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I will not wait for someone else to tackle the issue of inadequate housing. I have the power to change our world today…



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Confront the housing crisis.
Everyone has the right to decent, affordable housing. However, almost 2 billion people lack access to this basic necessity. A billion of these people live in slums. By 2030, it is expected that 3 billion people will live in inadequate conditions. In some cities, up to 85 percent of the housing is “informal,” or developed in stages, without secure land tenure.

About 558 million people live in Latin America and the Caribbean. 156 million of those, about a third of the population, do not have access to adequate housing. Moreover, many lack legal access to land, sufficient living space, and access to basic services such as potable water, modern sewage systems and basic health care.

Defend adequate housing as a basic human right.
Decent housing is a basic human right. It is the right of every woman, man and child to obtain and sustain a home in a safe community where they can live in peace and dignity. While the construction of houses is a central part of Habitat’s mission, it is only one component of what we do to improve widespread access to adequate housing.

Take action now.
Help us to change the system, the policies and the attitudes that contribute to the issue of inadequate housing. Through Habitat for Humanity, or other housing organizations, you can get involved in the campaigns and actions that defend the right to decent housing in our region and our world. If you can’t find a housing campaign or program for your community, region or country, create a new one!

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Are you based in the United States? Visit Habitat for Humanity’s government relations and advocacy page to find out how you can advocate for housing issues.