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A mathematical example of solidarity in Costa Rica

October 10, 2008

With a generous donation of US$60,000, the Osgood family has not only invested resources, but their sweat and time, providing a concrete example of commitment to and solidarity with families who suffer from poverty…and proof that heartfelt support will multiply.

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– The North American couple, Dave and Judy Osgood, donated US$60,000 last year to help families in conditions of extreme poverty and in urgent need of a home. Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica received the donation, and then quickly invited COOPEALIANZA, a cooperative savings and credit organization, to invest a matching amount. The resulting US$120,000 was then leveraged with government subsidies for social housing projects—multiplying an already gallant donation into something with horsepower.

The Osgood family is a heartfelt example of solidarity between people who work with Habitat, and how easily such examples can multiply. From November 15-25, the family will again be visiting Costa Rica, this time with 21 of their friends who will work as volunteers side by side with beneficiary families on four new homes in Sarapiquí. A large number of local invitees will also put their hands to work during the event.

The four new families selected by Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica for the Osgood Project were chosen for their extreme conditions of poverty. The quality of life for these families is significantly affected by their economic condition, particularly in areas such as: nutrition, health, access to public space, and a quiet location in the house for the children to study.

The support of the Osgood family and friends makes possible a better quality of life for vulnerable families. The project will allow these families a more secure livelihood, and the assurance that their right to adequate housing is upheld.

During the event this November, homeowner families from last year’s project will act as leaders in the construction of the next four homes. They will help with logistics and participate in event activities along with the new families.

In the next few months, Habitat Costa Rica will share more details on the activities planned throughout the next “Project Osgood.” Keep an eye out for their newsletter with reports on the November event!

If you are interested in participating this November, or would like to learn more about the project, please contact Jeimy Gamboa at, or call +502 2296-3432, ext.202.