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Single mothers celebrate new beginnings

March 3, 2009




María Cristina Ixtabalán speaks on behalf of the 10 new home and land owners.

—It was an emotional day for ten single mothers who will be living in the “Los Tulipanes” (The Tulips) development in San José Pinula, Guatemala. In a much anticipated ceremony, each family was given the keys to their new home, which they had put significant time and effort into building and preparing for.

The homes in Los Tulipanes are designed to be “progressive,” consisting of a basic unit of two rooms, a bathroom and a washing area. Land is included with the price of the house, and the design will allow the women to add new rooms according to their needs.

The women receiving these homes all work in domestic service jobs, such as house-cleaning and laundry service. To fulfill the “mutual help” requirement which is part of their partnership with Habitat, they participated every weekend as volunteers on the construction of their houses. To secure supervision of the building materials through the night, the women personally raised funds in surrounding communities, in order to hire a night guard to protect the components of their future homes.

The Los Tulipanes project is part of an initiative of Habitat for Humanity Guatemala in partnership with the Catholic Institute, San Bonifacio. Representing the group of new home and land owners, María Cristina Ixtabalán expressed her gratitude to the San Bonifacio Institute and Habitat for Humanity, “for having confidence in us, so that we can receive these new homes.”

For more information, please contact, or visit Habitat Guatemala.

Karla Recinos Moscoso is the Communications and Public Relations Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Guatemala.