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To exist for others

March 12, 2009




“To exist for others is the wisest, smartest, and most practical way to exist for one’s self.”
-Bernabé Tierno

I was thrilled to have come across an expression that represents how I chose to live my life throughout the years. Thanks to this Spanish author, psychologist and writer, I have words that I believe summarize the numerous converging feelings and internal needs that manifest in my life through acting on behalf of others.

The pillar of my life has been, and continues to be, my family, to which I dedicate a great part of my energy. The work that I do in health, as much as design, is directed toward the needs of people.

Habitat for Humanity Argentina came into my life to complete the circle of “being,” and to transcend the limits of work and home. Shoulder to shoulder, together with families who dream of their own home and who find the strength to fight, day after day, to transform four walls into the home that they have longed for, renews my hope. Every day there will be more children who grow up with more than what their basic needs demand—who can wake up, get together with loved ones, and dream about new challenges. In every single one of these children, I see a new person who will grow up with the conviction that to serve and to help others is what gives meaning to our lives.

To learn more about Habitat’s work in Argentina, visit their online profile.

By Paula Matheos, a volunteer for the workshop “Ladrillitos” (Little bricks), and part of the House Leaders Team for Habitat for Humanity Argentina.