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Still finding time to give to others

March 14, 2009




This is the story of Efrén Barragán Pérez, a civil engineer and merchant who seeks construction alternatives to help Habitat families optimize materials and space for their homes.

Efrén Barragán Pérez is 46 years old, originally from San Juanito, a municipality of Bocoyna, Chihuahua. He is a civil engineer and merchant by profession. He and his parents own a well-known hardware and refurbishing business in the region. Since 2004, Habitat for Humanity Mexico identified Efrén as a potential volunteer because of his family roots and his frequent involvements in community-interest events.

Efrén is a member of the rotary club, and was invited to participate as a volunteer with HFH México by Ana Isela Pérez Ramos (a member of the regional committee and of the Integration Commission of Volunteers of Habitat México, in affiliation with Rarámuri). He attended regular meetings to complete the integration process, and soon become a member.

On June 18, 2004, in the regional assembly, Efrén began working with HFH México formally, first creating a construction sub-committee. His main task was to search for construction alternatives that would allow families to further optimize materials and space while developing their homes. This would also to support the implementation of budgets specific to each family in the community.

As part of the regional committee, Efrén is involved in family selection process, as well as regular monthly meetings in which his insight and knowledge of the families and their needs are important contributions to Habitat for Humanity México.

In 2004, Efrén enrolled as a volunteer on a construction project in Veracruz, entitled the Jimmy Carter Work Project. It was there that he fell in love with the program, and was impacted by volunteers from around the world. He had the opportunity to meet people, exchange experiences and mutually strengthen interest in participation with the organization.

Upon his return, Efrén stated, “I never imagined how satisfying and motivating it would be to participate in a project like this, where there is clearly the presence of God and the love of your neighbor.”

According to a staff member in Rarámuri, “Efrén is a man of good character—helpful, participatory—a very good friend with an impeccable reputation in the community. He has great love for his son and parents and is always thinking of them.”

In addition to their focus on the auto business, the most recognized in the region, they still have time to support the work of Habitat for Humanity Mexico and are willing support the information and latest changes that are generated.

For more information about Habitat for Humanity México please visit their website.

By Ramiro de Jesús Millán González, Program Coordinator for the Rarámuri Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Habitat for Humanity México:
Efrén (front row, black shirt), participating in a Habitat México event.