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Shelter, education and community for 25 single mothers

July 15, 2009




Your support can help change the lives of families in Costa Rica.

Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica seeks to improve the quality of life for of female-headed households suffering from poverty. Many of these mothers have received low or medium levels of schooling, lack access to sources of stable employment, have limited or no income, and face economic instability. Often, they also suffer social and emotional stress, having been abandoned by their partners and, in many cases, by their families.

Groups of women living in these types of conditions have been identified across the country, and Habitat Costa Rica aims to establish a support project that goes beyond the provision of housing. Through this project, a group of 25 women-headed families in the region of Limón will acquire land, build subsidized houses and receive comprehensive training and education.

The education and training program includes financial literacy, productive micro enterprise, and community development. Through an integral family development process, Habitat Costa Rica seeks to provide new opportunities and improve the quality of life for single mothers acting as heads of households.




The project has four components:

  • Family selection
  • Land (1,000 m2)
  • House construction
  • Family education and training

State housing subsidies will provide partial funding for the homes, in order to ensure the sustainability of the project, recover some of these resources, and establish a fund that will permit Habitat for Humanity to continue to develop sub-projects in the future.


  • 25 housing solutions for female heads of household in the Limón province, located in the Atlantic zone of Costa Rica.
  • Comprehensive education and training for 25 women-headed households, providing them with better access to opportunities in their communities, in addition to housing solutions.

Habitat Costa Rica is seeking the support of churches, individuals, affiliates, and any other group that wishes to sponsor one family, a portion of the project, or the entire project. Donors can take their one step further, and organize a Global Village team to build side by side with partner families in Limón. Your support can help change lives.

For more information on how you can help, please contact Jeimy Gamboa, or visit our online donation page and give to Habitat Costa Rica today.

Sponsor a house, and come build with us in 2010. Experience Limón´s greatest natural resource…its people!