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Habitat for Humanity Paraguay celebrates 1,000 homes

July 20, 2009




Meeting this first significant milestone of 1,000 housing solutions across the country was no small cause for celebration among Habitat supporters in Paraguay.

Presidente Hayes, Paraguay—For five consecutive days, Habitat for Humanity Paraguay’s entire operation—from local businesses and volunteers to construction professionals and partner families—focused on the raising of ten new homes in the Costa Guazú zone, located 39 kilometers down the Transcachaco highway from the capital city of Asunción.

Everyone who worked together during the week met on a crisp Saturday morning to inaugurate the 10 recently-completed houses. One of the founders of the local organization, Pelusa Rubín, gave a testimony of the last few days’ work, stating, “It’s incredible that only this past Monday there was nothing here and now, just five days later, we are standing among finished houses, in a newly-formed community created through everyone’s hard work.”

Also representing Habitat for Humanity Paraguay was Sr. Roberto Zub, who expressed gratitude for the organization’s work. “Habitat constructs more than houses, we build homes,” he stated. “Here we can see how each and every one of these houses has been decorated with balloons and plants—signs that the families are happy home owners.”

A few of the 10 partner families also publicly thanked the Habitat and the volunteers for their support. Prior to construction, each of these families participated in Habitat’s financial education workshops.

Architect Ricardo Meyer was in attendance to represent the National University of Asuncion’s Architecture and Design department. Mr. Meyer, also the Dean of the school, thanked Habitat for the opportunity that the project provided the students to experience a week of intense work and exposure to the construction process.

Also, the representatives from Habitat pointed out that the students who participated in the construction showed great enthusiasm and dedication, and were integral in ensuring that the projects were completed on time.

To wrap up the inauguration of the new houses, everyone gathered for a blessing. The participants held hands and touched the walls of the houses to ask that God bless and take care of each family and their new home.

Among this group of 10 houses, the 1,000th house, which went to the Jourdan family, will have a special place in the history of Habitat for Humanity Paraguay.

An international team of volunteers from Habitat’s Global Village program were also involved in the construction process. Seven volunteers from the United States and three from Canada shared their satisfaction with the experience. Nancy, a volunteer from the US, said “The people were wonderful and we were happy to have been able to help these families.”

For more information about Habitat for Humanity Paraguay, visit their online profile.

By Ami Cabrera, Communications Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity Paraguay. Translation by Joscelin Cooper.

Photos courtesy of Habitat Paraguay.