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8,000 Honduran families achieve a dream

September 5, 2009




—In an act of dedication to God and recognition for all those who have supported in the construction of homes with low-income families in the country, Habitat for Humanity Honduras celebrated the construction of its 8,000 house in San Pedro Sula on August 14, 2009.

“We’ve made it to 8,000…on to 15,000” was the theme of the event.

One of the key messages communicated to supporters was that Habitat’s projects “need more heart than cement.”

Each time that Habitat for Humanity Honduras reaches a construction goal, they celebrate with the same amount of heart that it took to achieve it. The milestone of 8,000 houses, say Habitat Honduras staff members, is about more than the construction itself—it’s about the solidarity that it took for 40,000 Hondurans for to achieve their dream of safe and secure housing.

Building healthy and safe houses—partnering with families, local and international volunteers, businesses and organizations—helps to reduce the housing deficit, creating a positive impact for the most vulnerable and lowest-income sectors of the population. A vital and central issue, the development of adequate housing contributes to the development of the country as a whole.

In moments such as this, Habitat for Humanity Honduras feels oriented towards Habitat’s shared vision of “a world in which every person can access adequate housing in their own community and grow into all that God intends.”

For more Information about Habitat’s work in Honduras, visit their online profile.