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New homes make for a memorable Mother’s Day in Costa Rica

September 10, 2009

SARAQUIPI, COSTA RICA—Mothers Day in Costa Rica falls in the month of August. Thanks to the efforts of Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica, this year three moms will celebrate with the joy of a new home. These women, who suffer from extreme poverty, are given the option of accessing adequate housing without acquiring debt.

“I am happy, because I will have my own house and be more relaxed, without having to worry about paying rent and where to take my kids. What more can I ask?” said Alba Luz Centeno, a mother of two boys and a girl. “The news of this house is the best gift I could get for this Mothers Day,” she added.

Evelyn Badilla, a 36-year-old woman who lost everything in an earthquake in Cinchona last January, agrees with Alba’s comments. She is a single mother of three children and works at The Angel Factory.

“It’s a gift from God. It’s the best thing that has happened in my life, after my children. On their behalf, I’d like to thank Habitat very much, because it’s my house and nobody can take it from me or abuse it as they have in the past,” said an emotional Badilla.

Zenaida Martinez was also affected by the earthquake and is the third recipient of this project. She is the head of a household of four school-aged children, and this house will help improve their study environment.

“We’re very happy to help these families for Mothers Day. They have had very difficult circumstances in the past, and their condition of extreme poverty further affects the situation—especially for the children and their development,” explained Jeimy Gamboa, Resource Development coordinator for Habitat Costa Rica.

Each house has 2 bedrooms and a solid roof and is completely painted. Habitat Costa Rica hopes that the first two are ready to live in by September, and the third begins construction that same month.

The three families were recommended by the Housing Mortgage Bank, and Habitat collected information on their housing situation and conditions.

The methodology used for this project consists in Habitat funding the initial purchase of the lot and construction of the house, thanks to seed capital and private donors. Subsequently, through Article 59 of the National Financial System for Housing, the Costa Rican government repays the money invested by Habitat, which re-generates resources to help other families.

Habitat Costa Rica used donations given by the Marriott hotel chain throughout 2009 to assist these three families.

“Habitat is something precious, they help a lot. I don’t have words to say what I want; I recommend that people come and ask,” finished Badilla.

About Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica
Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica is a non-profit organization that hopes to eliminate all poverty housing and create conditions where everyone can have an appropriate home to live, as well as make the theme of decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. With 12 years of experience in Costa Rica and six offices located throughout the country, Habitat provides services to low-income families, maintaining the philosophy that providing an adequate house is much more than a roof.

For more information, contact Angie Ramirez at 2290-8021 or 8832-0551.

To learn more about Habitat’s work in Costa Rica, visit their online profile.