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Habitat for Humanity Honduras celebrates 9,000 families served

November12, 2009

“It was like a dream. I didn’t even have a plot of land, and now I own a home.” – Maria Julia Ramírez Escobar

On November 7, during the National Assembly of Volunteers, Habitat for Humanity Honduras celebrated the 9,000 families that have been served by their efforts—just two months after having celebrated their 8,000th home.

The beneficiary of house number 9,000 is Maria Julia Ramírez Escobar, a single mother with two children. She is a nurse by profession and is currently employed at a nearby factory.

The house is the fruit of many efforts: Habitat partner family sweat equity, the solidarity of national and international volunteers and donations from business, institutions and friends.
Habitat for Humanity Honduras helps to unite these efforts in order that low-income families will fulfill their dream of owning or improving a home.

With the construction of the 9,000th house, Habitat estimates that approximately 45,000 Hondurans have been served in the country.

“Even though I have a job, I was looking for some way to own my own house,” says Maria. “I looked in several places, but my low income did not allow me to pay the monthly fees, until one day, I went to Habitat’s offices. They provided me the land and supported me in the construction of my house. It was like a dream. I didn’t even have a plot of land, and now I own a home.”

Source: Habitat for Humanity Honduras

For more information on Habitat for Humanity’s work in Honduras, visit their online profile.