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Effects of recent storms continue to unfold in El Salvador

November 19, 2009




The municipality of Guadalupe was one of the most affected by the storms.




Habitat El Salvador staff distributing basic necessities to affected families.

The intense rains in El Salvador between November 7 and 8, caused by a combination of Hurricane Ida and low pressure over the Pacific, have left 196 dead and 78 missing. Due to severe mudslides, 7,773 people remain in 83 temporary shelters and 1,487 homes have been confirmed damaged, destroyed or in significant risk.

The most affected departments are La Libertad, La Paz and San Vicente—particularly in the municipalities of Verapaz, Tepetitan and Guadalupe.

Habitat for Humanity El Salvador is conducting an analysis of the affected zones and developing a disaster response plan that includes reconstruction of permanent housing. It is hoped that a quick response will be available to families who now find themselves without adequate shelter.

Habitat El Salvador staff collected basic necessities, such as food and blankets, to assist the affected families. The donations were distributed in the municipality of Guadalupe, in San Vicente.

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