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Habitat for Humanity Chile needs your help

December 5, 2009




International Volunteer Day is an opportunity to officially recognize the work of all those who contribute voluntarily and altruistically to the improvement of their communities. In order to create a unified consciousness that will permit us to work together towards equitable and sustainable development around the world, it is important to recognize our collective and individual capacity to create positive change.

Habitat for Humanity Chile’s project, “Bring our children home,” provides improved housing conditions for children with life threatening illnesses. These simple improvements can make a world of difference in the child’s chances for successful medical treatment, and often mean recovering at home in the company of loved ones rather than in hospital facilities.

Thanks to the support of donors and volunteers, both local and international, 33 children have been served through the project to date. You too can help by volunteering or donating to the project.

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Courtesy of Habitat for Humanity Chile.