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Christmas in Action 2009 in El Salvador

December 6, 2009




For the ninth consecutive year, Habitat for Humanity El Salvador hosted a week of Christmas in Action from November 30th to December 5th. The event included a week of construction and a charity dinner, closing with a celebration of International Volunteer Day.

Christmas in Action carries a special value this year, as Habitat for Humanity El Salvador continues to focus its efforts on families who were affected by severe floods and landslides associated with Tropical Storm Ida.

The inaugural event in San Vincente was attended by local authorities, partner families and volunteers

The event also served to unite Habitat for Humanity’s efforts in El Salvador with those of the wider region of Latin America and the Caribbean, through the “I make the world a home” photo petition. National volunteers and businesses enthusiastically demonstrated the solidarity and commitment to the families of Habitat El Salvador in the Latin American region.




On December 4, the charity dinner was held at the Sheraton President Hotel, attended by institutions, suppliers, volunteers and partnering organizations. Habitat El Salvador staff describes it as, “a pleasant and rewarding space where all stakeholders could share experiences and raise funds to continue the work we are doing.”

To close the week, International Volunteer Day was celebrated in San Vicente on December 5th. This is a very special date for Habitat employees and partner families, as it highlights the motivation, enthusiasm and commitment of volunteers and others who provide a hand up to families in need of adequate shelter.

Habitat for Humanity El Salvador greatly appreciates all the people involved (families, businesses, staff and volunteers) who helped make Christmas in Action 2009 a success. All are invited to continue working to serve more Salvadoran families in need of decent housing.

Courtesy of Elsy Guzmán, Communications Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity El Salvador.