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Habitat for Humanity sends the first 500 emergency shelter kits to Haiti

February 2, 2010




— 500 families affected by the powerful earthquake in Haiti will receive basic equipment for the construction of temporary shelter. The kits include tools and other materials that allow them to build a temporary shelter with some level of security, and make small repairs to homes damaged by the earthquake. These kits were prepared by volunteers from Habitat for Humanity in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic last weekend, and have arrived in Port au Prince for distribution.

The assembly took place on Saturday, January 30th, in the warehouses of a private company that provided the space to Habitat Dominican Republic at no cost. Thirty-two volunteers and several Habitat for Humanity staff assembled the kits.

The Shelter Kits will help families to make immediate repairs or to build temporary shelter, typically at the site where their homes were located before. Among the items that are included in the kit are tarpaulins, braided rope, wire, duct tape, a pry bar, pliers gloves, dust masks, a metal hacksaw, a knife, hammer and nails. These items are packaged in a sealed bucket that can be used for other purposes later on.

It is expected that in the coming days another 500 buckets with similar content will be prepared at the facilities of the Carol Morgan School, a private American school in Santo Domingo. The school will allocate about 100 of its students for this work. Kits are also to be assembled by volunteers in Georgia and Mississippi, U.S.A.

Given the number of houses damaged and destroyed in Haiti, Habitat for Humanity International is planning an aggressive and long term mission to help low-income families to have adequate and safe housing - many of them first time in their life.

There is a solution and you can be part of it. Learn more about how you can support the mission of Habitat for Humanity in Haiti.