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Habitat for Humanity Argentina sends team of professional volunteers to Chile

April 8, 2010




— A team of volunteers and staff selected by Habitat for Humanity Argentina traveled to Peralillo, a community in the O’Higgins region of Chile, to help with disaster response efforts.

Three Habitat for Humanity Argentina staff members—Carolina Mansur (Disaster Response Coordinator), Andrés Maidana Legal (Architect) and Loida Mejías Cabestany (Social Worker) lead the evaluation of the social and structural situation in Peralillo Centro. The goal is to develop housing solutions for families in extremely vulnerable situations.

The team is also turning over a tithe donation from Habitat Argentina and the proceeds from a public fundraising campaign to Habitat for Humanity Chile.

This represents a concrete and resounding show of solidarity from the citizens of Argentina, who through donations of funding, time and talent have shown interest in supporting earthquake recovery in Chile. More than 30 professionals offered to collaborate as volunteers.

At the same time that the organization in Argentina is responding to the disaster in Chile, a disaster response program is under way at home. Habitat for Humanity Argentina is working towards its own response program for natural disasters, putting together a volunteer base poised to support families affected by seasonal floods in Argentina.

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