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Beto Cuevas’ “Voces unidas por Chile” will support Habitat for Humanity’s earthquake recovery efforts

April 29, 2010


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Various music artists unite in a new version of the Chilean song, “Gracias a la Vida.” The project, spearheaded by Beto Cuevas and produced by Humberto Gatica, will be digitally released on May 4. Funds raised will be donated to Habitat for Humanity´s reconstruction efforts in Chile.

CHILE — Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, Juan Luis Guerra, Laura Pausini, Fher (Maná), Shakira, Michael Bublé and Miguel Bosé have united with Beto Cuevas in “Voces unidas por Chile” (Voices united for Chile), an initiative to support this South American country after the devastating earthquake that occurred in February. The project consists in the recording of a new version of Violeta Parra’s classic “Gracias a la Vida,” a symbolic song for Chileans, and also very well-known worldwide as a Latin American traditional theme for the past four decades.

“Voces unidas por Chile” will be released digitally on May 4th. Funds raised from sales will be donated to Habitat for Humanity’s reconstruction efforts in Chile after the 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck near Santiago on February 27. Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that helps families to access their basic human right to adequate housing. The organization is already rebuilding alongside affected families in Chile, but financial help and volunteers are still needed to cover the basic reconstruction needs.

Despite their busy schedules, the artists found the way to record their part of the song somewhere around the globe. Beto Cuevas recorded in Los Angeles; Juanes in London; Alejandro Sanz in Santiago, Chile; Juan Luis Guerra in Miami; Laura Pausini in Italy; Fher in Guadalajara, Mexico; Shakira in Nassau; Michael Bublé in New York; and Miguel Bosé in Madrid. The song was produced by the highly acclaimed Chilean producer Humberto Gatica.

Throughout the next five years, Habitat plans to serve a total of at least 10,000 families from the five regions affected by the quake, giving priority to the most vulnerable.

About Habitat for Humanity Chile
Habitat for Humanity Chile works with at-risk families and communities to provide housing solutions, facilitate community support and offer diverse services in an efficient and sustainable manner, benefitting the nation as a whole. For more information, visit